Autumn equinox September 22: get rid of the problems and attract prosperity

The autumnal equinox is a time when powerful streams of energy rush to the Ground, so everyone can change their life for the better with proven rituals and ceremonies.

Use the energy of the outside world for their own well-being people since ancient times. Any significant events that provoke bursts of energy, takes into account not only astrologers and meteorologists, but also occult practices in different areas. For example, the day of the autumnal equinox which comes on September 22 at 20:02 Moscow time, a wonderful opportunity for transformation and getting rid of all sorts of problems.

Rituals you can do for three days. This period will be marked with strong energy, which needs to be used to their advantage. You can recharge amulets of luck, to hold ceremonies, preserving youth and health, and bring themselves and their family prosperity.

The rite for the prosperity of the family

For this ritual you will need apples new autumn harvest. Don’t rush to use the fruit shops. Pay attention to private traders or pick fruit from your own garden. Their energy is as strong. Apples must be the same as your family members.

Distribute the fruits of their household, and to each of them for some time held the fruit in his hands, then fold the apples into the basket or dish. In the evening hours, light a candle and contemplate the flame, muttering to himself the name of each family member. Focus on the problems that bother you and say:

“Liquid apples, Sun warmed, the force of Earth raised, autumn, ripped, year completed. Each Apple takes the adversity, prosperity in the family attracts. We will be (names) good luck accompany, the hardships will pass a party”.

Apples need to eat for all family members, and the remainder to stand away from the house to negativity and unhappiness no longer had access to your residence.

Getting rid of problems on the day of the autumnal equinox

Our ancestors used simple ritual that has contributed to the “expulsion” of negativity from her life. At dawn you need to go outside and meet the Sun with the words:

“Before the Sun, stand with their troubles and adversities. During the day they gather, with sunset from them deliver”.

In the evening it is necessary to carry out the Sun with the words:

“All the trials and tribulations of my life take away, no don’t leave”.

Go back home and the next morning bring the Sun gifts: baked pie with your hands, fruits or vegetables are harvested in the autumn. Thank the heavenly host for assistance and support.

Autumn ritual for deliverance from the problems

Collect colourful fallen leaves in the Park or the square, will speak on every single issue from which you would like to get rid of, and release sheets to the wind. This simple ritual will help you to throw the hardships of life. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend to return to the house to conduct the ritual of cleansing the space of negativity, to all the problems disappear from your life.

Attract prosperity 22 Sep

To draw in prosperity, in the day of the autumnal equinox, you must go to the open reservoir. Sit on the Bank of the river, pond or lake and write on small pieces of paper all your worries. Lower notes on the water with the words:

“Problems of water give, let my problems float away, misery disappear.”

Palms scoop the water and wash, then throw into a pond coin with the words:

“Fee for good, unselfish, and wash water is clean. As the coin touches the bottom, and prosperity will return.”

To return to a life of well-being and mind. You need to focus on their problems, mentally roll them into a tight ball and push it away from yourself. Imagine that you are surrounded by a transparent barrier which blocks access to any negativity and passes only the positive. So you will be able to put a mental block on failure and start a new, prosperous life.