Auspicious days for wedding in 2018

The wedding day is for many people the most important day of their lives. Anyway, but this day really should be special. Lunar calendar will help you determine the auspicious date for marriage.

It should be noted immediately that it does not matter what you will do is to keep painting, to get married or make a feast for guests. You can do everything in one day, and can distribute it all on multiple days. In any case, choose the date based on our list of auspicious days, because wedding is the chain of events that can happen at once or gradually. Human energy is highly dependent on the mood of the moon and stay in a particular Zodiac Sign. That is why the wedding need to appoint an auspicious day.

Wedding in January 2018

The first month in 2018 will be full of good days for weddings. In the first half of the month the power of the moon to be consistently high, suggesting the possibility of a wedding on any day in the interval from January 7 to 19. Try to spend a holiday, wedding or painting 4, 9, 11, 14, 17 or 25 Jan. These days a combination of lunar energy and the power of the stars will be the most harmonious.

We should also mention the new Moon in Aquarius on 17 January, which will be not just supportive, but the best for the whole of 2018. For wedding this day fits perfectly, because the new stories and new emotions in those days to help people become much happier.

January 4th waning Moon can tame the Lion, so the wedding party will get relaxed and very bright. January 9 waning Moon in Libra will help you to find the harmony within, to cope with the stress if the wedding party is going to be too lush and intense. 11 of the Moon in Scorpio will do my best to the day passed without delay. 14 January Sagittarius and descending lunar disk will make a dynamic and filled with bright emotions. January 25 will be a beautiful day for a wedding.

February wedding on the lunar calendar

Will start February with the waning moon. 2 numbers it will remain in Virgo. It’s a good day for painting and unhurried wedding. The day will be very relaxed and truly unique.

6 through 8, the number of the Moon will be in Scorpio Sign and will also decrease. This means that all three days will be incredibly positive for weddings, marriage in the registry office for magnificent celebrations.

From 12 to 16 February will be a very positive period for planning weddings, or for their conduct. 16th is a new Moon in Pisces. If you want to hold the wedding in this day, you have to make it as unusual, extraordinary, or later will regret.

On 21 and 22 February , the Moon will rise in Taurus, so these two days for the wedding will fit very, very well. The energy of the moon will be favorable and constructive. To create a family in those days was a pleasure.

March wedding in 2018

March 1 — a beautiful date. This will be the last day before the full Moon, so the Moon is strong, but not enough to hurt you. A Bridal spectacular will be very useful if you want to hold her to this day. Waxing Moon and the virgin — a great combination. The first day of spring may be the most important day of the year.

From 6 to 9 March , too, can easily plan a wedding, and 7, 8 and 9 the number you can do this without much doubt. March 8 will be the best day of this period because the waning Moon will combine well with Sagittarius. If you get married 8, your family life will be filled with a special trust.

On 14 and 15 March the Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius, so unusual celebration will be very useful. The couple, who will make an Alliance on a day will be very happy, and most importantly — quiet.

From 20 to 23 March you will be lucky if you can plan a wedding for this period. You can even make it so that the wedding will fall into this cut, and painted, and celebration. The first two days will be held under the auspices of the Calf, and 22 and 23 March, under the watchful eye of the Twins.

Wedding in April 2018

Only on the growing moon in April will be useful to hold a wedding celebration and painting. April 17 — the day of the rising moon in Taurus. Wedding on this day will be very romantic and even in a sense more spiritual than the other days.

April 20 — the best day of the month for wedding or wedding. The vows on this day allows the universe itself. The moon will be in Gemini, consequently, a strong love in a pair, which will set the wedding on this day, will persist for a very long time.

On 21 and 22 April the Moon will be in Cancer. These days are great for marriage because the Union, concluded at this time will enable you to become closer and closer to each other for life.

On April 27 and 28 the rise of the moon in Libra will allow you to significantly succeed in creating a pleasant atmosphere on the holiday of love, which you want. The number 27 is a special day because the energy of the moon and stars will be the most harmonious.

29 APR replaced the Libra comes Scorpio, so this day for the marriage or wedding will suit very well. The only exception will be couples who do not have enough experience of living together.

The may dates for weddings

Again only on the growing moon, it will be possible to enter into a marriage, but now in may. 18 — good day for wedding, because the Moon is going to be in the Sign of Cancer. Show creativity in planning celebrations, so you’re in luck as much as possible.

20 and 21 may Leo will positively affect the overall energy of people that can not but affect positively the wedding feast and the ceremony. To not extinguished this spark of happiness, try to focus on the honeymoon and not the wedding.

May 25 wedding and any celebration should be held in as many as possible of guests. Feel free to invite all who are dear to you, otherwise you risk to leave someone resentful and deprived. If we were all together, the holiday will turn out Grand.

27 and 28 may — auspicious days for weddings, but 27 the number will be more positive. The moon in Scorpio will be over both days, so the wedding should be relaxed and preferably in seclusion. You can also have a small holiday out of town, away from the hustle and bustle.

Wedding in June 2018

Only one day on the waning moon for a wedding is truly favourable this month — June 6. The moon in Pisces is a good sign for those who want to marry. The only condition is the presence of genuine love. No expectation to be in a relationship should not, if you want to marry in this day.

15 June is the most favorable day for a wedding or wedding. In the family, created on 15 June, will reign peace and mutual understanding throughout the entire time.

From 24 to 27 June would be a great time for festival. The feast of love can begin on 24 June, when the waxing Moon is in Scorpio. 25th — the most powerful in terms of energy the day of the month, but the day is not the best — it is better to leave for the wedding, and in a narrow circle of people. On 26 and 27 June, 25, will be held under the auspices of Sagittarius. These are two good and stable that you need to devote to love. Wedding these days is very very beautiful, nice and pleasant.

Auspicious days for weddings in July

The first auspicious day for a wedding in July — 13. It will be a new Moon in the Sign of Cancer. Only alliances based on trust, will bring to a new level. This will help you to consolidate its success and become even more happy.

July 15 night “sun” in the Sign of Leo will cheer up all the newlyweds. Any event, small and large, will be very useful. You can immediately go on a honeymoon and you can spend the holiday modestly — at your discretion.

18 and 19 July — time activity of the moon in Libra. Try to plan a wedding in advance. If this is not done, there may be small problems with the organization. Otherwise, it is perfect days to get positive emotions from the celebration.

20 July is the best day for the wedding. It is the spiritual side of the wedding is important in this day. Give each other a vow that will never leave his family. Astrologers claim that the alliances concluded in these days, become very strong.

July 23, Sagittarius will rule the roost, so the waxing Moon will positively affect the wedding-feast, to the wedding and on the process of creating a family as a whole. People who will be at the wedding, most likely, will be well to communicate at the celebration, and after it.

Wedding in August 2018

Even the waxing Moon would be unable to create favorable conditions for weddings, although three days of the whole month will be quite favorable. 17, 24 and 26 August can be used for weddings, however there are several factors that can not be ignored.

On the 17th of the growing moon will be a positive influence Scorpio. On this day a wedding is best done quickly and without frills. If you want to more lavish celebrations, it is better to give preference to 24 or 25 August, when the Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius.

The 26th will be a full Moon. It will be in Pisces, so this day can be considered the best for the wedding. Of course, excessive dynamics and extraordinary benefit would not, however, you will have all the chances to make a spectacular event for all guests.

Wedding in September 2018

On the waning moon only one day will be positive for a wedding registry or wedding — 7 Sep. The constellation Leo will have a positive impact on you this day. People’s feelings will be exacerbated, and emotions will be felt in better times. It will be a very memorable celebration.

September 14 — good day for wedding, because waxing Moon and Scorpio Union is incredibly productive. Your dose of positivity to everybody from small to large. Invest in the triumph of your soul and time. Plan everything carefully.

16 September — the best day for a wedding in the first month of autumn. This day will be very positive and your mood swings. Before the wedding, you can have mixed feelings, but that’s okay. This is an important and positive day is always a little uncomfortable.

September 21 — Moon in Aquarius. Weddings in those days, the newlyweds promise a bright future, understanding and passion. 23rd is better to hold the wedding most unusual. Spend as much time and effort in order to organize a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. It is not necessary to do a standard party with master of ceremonies, and contests — come up with something extraordinary.

If these days to have the wedding does not work, can use 11, 15, 22 or 24 September. In these days the Moon will also be creative, but to a lesser degree.

October favorable wedding days

In the midst of the autumn weddings will not be easy. In October will be only three truly positive day for the wedding, or painting. 5 day of the moon in Sagittarius, on 14 October is a good day to join two people who are not similar to each other with their Hobbies. The party can be unique and enchanting.

October 19, the Moon will be in Aquarius. It means that wedding journey for a long time it is better not to postpone. As soon as the holiday ends, it is better to go away from everyone, somewhere in the location is quiet and secluded.

October 21, also will be a great day to tie the knot with a loved one in matrimony. Listen to the advice of older generations — their instructions will help you to avoid problems. By the way, about problems — try to avoid invitations to wedding this day people who don’t get along. They ruin everyone’s mood.

Wedding in November according to the lunar calendar

From 11 to 13 November would be a good time for weddings of any size. Waxing Moon in Capricorn is a good time for marriage, especially if you have little funds. Even a modest celebration is very warm and pleasant from any point of view.

From 16 to 19 November , too, to plan a wedding, and simple civil ceremony. The main thing that all loved ones were around you these days. 16, 17 and 18 November, the Moon will be in Pisces and on the 19th will move into the constellation of Aries. This suggests that the celebration and partying is better to plan for the end of this period, because Aries gives you the strength for this.

November 21 will be a mediocre day but very calm. If you want to hold the wedding “quietly”, it is better to day.

A wedding in December 2018

A good day for a measured and calm wedding — 7 Dec. It will be a new Moon in Sagittarius. Calm energy of the moon and dynamics of the Sagittarius will come together to allow you to do everything correctly, no problem.

December 9, the Moon will be in Capricorn, therefore, to create a family will be useful to anyone in a relationship is a pretty long time. Even if you didn’t live together, better 9 numbers wedding not to plan.

14 December — the best day of the month for the celebration and wedding. The spiritual side of the wedding is more important, so pay attention to the vows that you give to each other.

21 Dec is also supposed to be a good day for wedding. The moon will be in Gemini, which is very good impact on creating a pleasant atmosphere of the holiday. Less conflicts between the guests is that, these days.

A wedding is supposed to be enjoyable. Spend more time planning and select the most convenient date. It is desirable that she was one of the proposed dates in our lunar calendar weddings. 2018 Yellow earth Dog is well suited for such important decisions.