Auspicious days for cutting hair September 2017

A visit to the stylist can be timed to the most favorable days of September. Using the recommendations of the lunar calendar haircuts you will not only create a unique image, but also to enlist the support of Fortune.

To hair from ancient times were treated with respect. They are not only decoration, but also contain the power to give protection from negativity. Women known magic hair, and they actively use it, achieving success and prosperity. Beautiful and well-groomed curls complete the look and allow you to feel confident in their own abilities.

Auspicious days for cutting hair

1-2 September: the beginning of the month the waxing Moon will be in the constellation of Capricorn. This is the timing for a visit to the beauty salon and manipulation of the hair. Haircut on 1 and 2 September will help to deal with brittle and full of split ends. In addition, the change in hairstyles and the use of natural dyes these days will provide an opportunity to bring to life material well-being. The most successful manipulation will be a simple trimming regrown hair.

3-4 September: the Influence of the constellation of Aquarius will have no effect on the hair. These days will be neutral for haircuts. However, ladies should remember that the moon rise provokes fast hair growth, new hair rather quickly lose their shape and volume. This can lead to frustration and difficulty in the business. To rectify the situation will help the whispers to attract good luck and natural hairstyle that adds femininity.

5-7 September: growth of the moon in the constellation of Pisces to affect the hair and scalp. After the change of hairstyle can appear dandruff, and the hair is dim u will lose strength. To avoid problems will help infusions of herbs, fills the hair with essential elements. During a full moon, September 6, the hair needs rest. Refrain from going to the hairdresser in favor of home masks that strengthen your curls.

8-9 September: waning Moon in Aries is favorable for haircuts that will long retain its shape. However, under the influence of this sign the hair will become tougher. A haircut these days is to do the ladies whose hair doesn’t have natural strength. With trimming you can get rid of split ends and give the image a finished appearance.

10-11 September: the harmonious Union of the waning moon and the zodiacal Taurus, the condition and color of hair after haircut will be much better. The positive energy of the constellation has a positive effect on hair follicles, strengthen and recover structure of the hair. These days, the haircut will not only good mood, but also help to tune into success in business. In addition, the new styling will give you the courage needed to perform energetic Affairs.

12-13 September: Moon moves to the constellation Gemini which will have a negative impact on hair. These days the haircut should be abandoned in favor of the use of masks for hair. Clipping will speed up hair growth, but they will be less obedient and can start to fall out.

14-15 September: haircut these days under the influence of the constellation of Cancer will worsen relations in the family. If you need to get rid of Intrusive influence, September 15, you can take the advantage of the hairdresser. However, these days the haircut can trigger excessive hair loss that will weaken your hair.

September 16-17: in these days the Moon will be in Union with the zodiac Lion, which will positively affect the condition of your hair. These days may become important for success. In order to be on top, use the services of a stylist. Hairstyle made in the period from 16 to 17 September, add your hair thickness and strength, and the haircut will stay a long time.

18-20 September: the influence of Virgo on your hair is positive, but during the new Moon September 20, from haircuts should give up, not to lose force and do not hurt the hair structure. However, the following days the moon rise and her positive energy will help you to create a unique image with which you return the self-confidence. Astrologers recommend to choose the complicated hairstyle, haircut cascade or asymmetry.

September 21-22: the constellation of Libra and the energy of the waxing moon during these two days will only slightly affect the condition of the hair. After the haircut, they will be actively growing, so to dream of long-term preservation of shape is not necessary. The trimming that will return your hair shape and get rid of split ends of hair.

September 23-24: the unstable influence of the constellation of Scorpio will be strongly reflected in the condition of dim and lifeless hair, making them tougher and thicker. Owners of light curls these days after cutting will be lucky, then how thick and heavy the curls will be stressed and may lose elasticity.

25-27 September: under the influence of the zodiac Sagittarius hair grow quickly and lose their shape after a new haircut and styling. Visit a stylist desirable, as your hair will become unruly and start to curl. However, curly by nature ladies haircut will benefit, and will make their curls more elastic.

28-29 September: with the help of cutting under the influence of Capricorn, you will be able to get rid of hair loss, will help them gain strength and elasticity. The positive energy of the moon will make your curls more manageable and thick. To ensure that the days were successful, astrologers recommend to choose a bold hairstyle that accentuates your personality and charisma.

September 30: last day of September waxing moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius. The energy of the day did not affect the state of your curls, so today we can start experiments to change not only the shape of hair, but also daring coloring and styling.

To save a new hairstyle will help you days favorable for hair cutting. Remember that the health of your curls depends not only on nursing procedures, but also by diet, timely rest and a positive mood.