Auspicious days for cutting hair in Nov 2017

Haircut plays an important role in the image of any person. Choosing the right time for hair care products, you can get the best score and increase their power. Find auspicious day for cutting hair in Nov will help you lunar calendar.

With the right haircut you can not only change your image but also to achieve changes in life. First and foremost psychics and bioenergy suggest seriously to approach the selection of the master, because it affects your energy in the process of cutting. The moon also has a strong influence on the condition of the hair: the haircut makes you happy for a long time, you need to choose an auspicious day to change his image.

When to get a haircut in November

Each new day has its own energy, interacting with the human energy field. If you cut hair in the adverse time, can worsen the condition of the hair, weaken the power and even acquire health problems. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must choose the most favorable time for cutting in the coming month with the lunar calendar.

4 November: full Moon in Taurus. This day is well suited for cutting: the energy of the Full moon, combined with the energy of the “ground” of the constellation of Taurus will be a good influence on the condition of your hair, making them thicker and significantly accelerating the growth. Hair coloring or perming as well will be successful and will not harm your hair.

November 15:the waning Moon in the constellation of Libra. You can get a haircut at this day, if you have overcome problems or you just want to find inner balance and find harmony with the surrounding world. In addition to improving morale, cutting 15 number permanently retain its shape, and the hair becomes healthy and shiny.

November 20: the waxing Moon in Sagittarius. If you decide to visit the masters on this day, the haircut can affect your ability to converge with the right people and make useful contacts. On your way visit to the hairdresser will affect well: the hair will cease to split, will become thicker and will be easier to pack.

November 21:the waxing Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn — one of the most fertile Signs. Haircut on the day of connection energy of this Sign and the energy of the waxing moon can help you to improve your financial situation. The hair may start to curl slightly, but it will grow faster.

On 22 and 23 November: during these two days the Moon will continue to be the growth phase, remaining in the sign of Capricorn. This provision will enhance the energy of the sun, so as the 22 and the 23rd is perfect for a visit to the master. Haircut in any of these days will fill hair health and beauty, as well as strengthen your personal charm.

November 25: the waxing Moon in the constellation of Aquarius. According to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru this day is of great benefit unusual haircuts. If you decide to experiment, the change may in the short term to bring about change for the better in your life. Hair coloring in bright colors, experimenting with the hair length and shape of haircut — don’t be afraid of anything, and feel free to take change into their own hands.

External changes can help you to attract into your life positive changes, but sometimes this may not be enough for a complete change of his fate. To get their wish and begin to rejoice in each new day will help you with creative visualization.