Auspicious days for cutting hair in 2018

Proper care of hair and the perfect haircut can change a person, add him courage and vigor. To look great and be in good spirits will help you with recommendations of the lunar calendar haircuts for 2018.

Auspicious days in every month. At this time, the energy of the moon is positive and it can be used to change hairstyles. Do not forget that hair is a source of energy and is able to protect from negative influence. For example, a short haircut can release energy that can be directed to fight for their own welfare and advocacy. Hair needs care, so do not neglect salon treatment, and use proven home remedies to maintain their tresses in perfect condition.

Auspicious days for haircut in January

January 8: under the influence of the waning moon and the favorable impact of Libra haircut is not only an occasion to refresh the image, but also a way to get rid of the disease.

January 16: on Tuesday, the energy of the waning moon in the sign of Capricorn will help you cope with life’s difficulties. Due to the short haircut you will achieve independence and be able to prove their worth not only relatives, but also the authorities.

January 18: the Moon grows, so, the hair becomes an extra incentive. The constellation Aquarius has a positive effect on the human energy, and trimming the ends of hair will help you to quickly grow a lovely locks.

January 27: the Moon in Gemini this day continues its growth, and that means it’s time to change the haircut. Using the wizard, you can create a unique image and attract in life is love.

Good days for change of image in February

February 12: if you want to get rid of minor mood and paint your life with bright colors, this day will be perfect for haircuts. The moon in Capricorn is decreasing, and that means a new haircut will long to please you.

February 21: the growing moon model hairstyle to do the hair grow back quickly and not keep their shape. However, the cut ends under the influence of Taurus will help you to keep the structure of the curls, and you increase your money power.

27-28 February: cutting hair under the influence of Leo helps to grow hair dreams, which will be different density and elasticity, and the growth of the moon will provide the hair follicles extra strength.

Hair cut in March

March 1: to strengthen the hair, and also for their further growth and strength I under the influence of the growth of the moon in Virgo. Besides a haircut on Thursday will relieve you of unnecessary timidity.

March 21: energy of Taurus will help your prosperity. Your hair can be any length — the hair will quickly grow back. In March, the hair care will be necessary, because after the winter cold, they lose Shine and elasticity. You can use salon care, and to have recourse to national and pharmacy resources.

March 28: on this day, everyone can change their lives for the better, not only with haircuts but also with hair coloring. The influence of Leo will help you gain confidence and purposefully move to the goal.

March 29: this day will be favorable for classic long hairstyle. Under the influence of Virgo, you can achieve the signs of attention from the opposite sex, while singles will be able to start a romantic relationship.

Haircuts in April 2018

April 7: to improve health on a beautiful spring day with the help of cutting tips of hair. The constellation of Capricorn in Alliance with the growing Moon will add your locks strength and Shine.

April 17: making a haircut in this day, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems in the business environment. Zodiacal Taurus will help you to implement the plan, and the growth of the moon will support all initiatives.

19 April: the change of hairstyle can be planned for April 19. However, the curls will quickly take the original amount, so make ultra-short haircut for a long time does not make sense. Therapeutic trimming split ends would be more appropriate under the influence of the constellation Gemini.

April 24: change of image under the influence of the waxing moon will add you enthusiasm, and the constellation Leo will give strength for decisive action.

April 26: the positive energy imparted by the constellation Virgo, will definitely have a positive impact on your hair. On this day ladies should pay attention to the change of hairstyle. The new image will help you in love Affairs.

May haircuts

May 16-17: Positive energy of the waxing moon in Gemini will help you get the hair of your dreams, so after the haircut, apply hair nourishing mask.

May 21: align the curls have checked in the wizard. Your hair was strong and sturdy, this auspicious day, treat them to a vitamin cocktail or a mask with natural composition.

May 26: the rise of the moon in Libra will help you to get rid of negative energy and negative influences using a new haircut. Old problems will go away along with the hair cut.

Auspicious days for cutting in June

June 11: to achieve success in all spheres of life will help the growth of the moon in Taurus, and make the effects you can use an updated hairstyle that will lift your spirits and complete the plan image.

18-20 June: these days are filled with positive energy of Virgo, in which dwells the Moon. In the three-day period you can enroll in a beauty salon to choose a new hairstyle that will emphasize your beauty and sexuality.

The July haircut

July 14: the waxing Moon in Leo is generous in sharing creative energy. New asymmetrical haircut on this day will bring you inspiration and allow you to create masterpieces.

July 17: the Moon in Virgo is a great time for hair care products. You can not only cut, but also allow the locks in order with the help of special procedures. Can safely be written to the master for lamination or a haircut with hot scissors.

July 25-26: two-day period a good to upgrade both the exterior and status. I, and with positive attitudes you will be able to bow out with small troubles. These days astrologers recommend to complement the haircut, skin care, scalp oils and vitamins.

August haircuts

August 13: despite the ominous date that many consider to be a bad sign, a haircut on this day will help you to get rid of financial difficulties. Attract financial prosperity during the growth of the moon.

August 15: to awaken the creative potential of this day will help the hairdresser. Ask him lightly to straighten your hair, and it is under the influence of Weights will long to please you volume. Do not neglect the care and procedures that are particularly relevant for owners of thin hair.

August 22-23: haircut these days will be a continuation of your “I” and help to find a way out of a difficult situation. Under the influence of Capricorn, the greatest effect will have a classic hairstyle that will balance your emotions and confidence.

Haircuts in September 2018

September 1: to cope with anxiety and increase self-esteem in the first day of fall will help you a new hairstyle, and the favorable impact of lunar energy will help your hair to grow stronger. Favorable influence of Taurus will be appropriate for carrying out nursing actions, including salon procedures using the latest tools to strengthen the hair.

10 September: the beginning of the growth of the moon in Virgo will be a favorable time for model haircuts that are long to keep the shape.

September 11: this day you will be able to grow hair the desired length very quickly, and will help you to the energy of the moon in Libra. Constellation will help you to be active, and a new haircut will give strength for new achievements.

September 18: healthy hair and well-groomed appearance on this day will help you to avoid conflicts. Under the influence of Capricorn hair stronger, so the haircut will not harm your tresses.

20 September: under the influence of Aquarius hair will perfectly keep the shape, and you can trust a new hair stylist competent.

Auspicious days for haircuts in October

6 October: in October, the updated image will help to drive away the autumn Blues and get a lot of compliments. 6 the Moon will decrease in Virgo, which means your locks can be safely subjected not only haircuts, but also quality care with proven cosmetic products.

October 15-16: two-day period when the growth of the moon is in the constellation of Capricorn, will be friendly for any manipulations with hair. A new haircut will emphasize your individuality, and care of the hair follicles will add your hair volume and Shine.

Haircuts in November 2018

12-13 November: a drastic change of image on Monday and Tuesday will help you to implement all the ideas. The extraordinary choice of paint and ragged hair, shaving sideburns, and other liberties will be very successful, if you want to change the world.

November 14: to balance emotions and enjoy the autumn days will help the positive influence of the constellation Aquarius. The haircut will be good, but the hair will quickly return to its original shape, so haircuts model is better to choose trimming and shaping the hairstyle.

November 21: the day astrologers consider to be the most favorable for haircuts. Under the influence of the moon in Taurus your hair stronger, gain flexibility and Shine. Besides the change of hairstyle will favorably affect your energy.

November 28: the zodiac Leo in the environment will help you to unlock your creative potential. And make the effects possible by resorting to an extraordinary hairstyle, style, echoing your sentiment. Start to experiment together with your stylist so that the result pleases you and the people around them.

An auspicious day for haircut in December

11-12 December: before the new year always want updates and a fabulous attitude. To do you will help the energy of the moon in Aquarius. Tuesday and Wednesday will be a good time for bold experimentation with hair. Their condition will improve, and with well-chosen caregivers, you can achieve salon beauty of your locks.

19-20 Dec: model haircuts, trimming and caring — it will do you good and lift your spirits in anticipation of the holidays. Due to the positive influence of the stars and planets you will be able to achieve success in life, and well-groomed appearance will add you confidence.

Remember that the beauty of your hair reflects your physical and emotional health. Stick to the recommendations of the attending physician and to prevent use vitamin preparations that will strengthen your hair and nails will make your skin radiant, and will help you to cope with the negative mood and health problems. Wish you happiness and joy in life.