At the opening of the new season Camedy Club humiliated Borodina Buzova

In the video posted online from the opening of the new season Camedy Club, where Xenia and Olga Borodina Buzova go sharp phrases to address each other. Under the video sparked heated debate fans girls.

In a Network there was an interview of Olga Buzova , which she gave at the opening of the new season Camedy Club.

However, the interview itself was preceded by a not very beautiful scene, in which Ksenia Borodina, once again, tried to humiliate his counterpart. Between the leading and Borodina began a dialogue:

– Ksenia, call me, please, my colleague.

– What do you say? – asks Borodin.

– Busaka, bozinoski, – joked the presenter. However, Ksenia finds its own version.

– Borodin-substitute, come in! – yells into the microphone Xenia.

From such a response was taken aback, even the host. Borodin immediately retreated, clearly not wanting to interfere with Buzova after such antics.

However, Olga parried the attack worthy “colleagues”.

– You know how much envy you heard, Yes? Or I thought? – ironically said the media personality. then he answered questions about the road, the new format of the show.

– What is there to fear, Oh, what can we expect from you? – the leader asked Buzova what the media personality also said with humor:

– You should be glad that I’m alive, live, breathe, work, sing because you have something to joke, to speak in the “Comedy club”. What would you do without me – fun Olga Buzova.

Under the video, posted online, sparked a heated debate between fans Buzova and Borodina. Fans Buzova accused Borodin, black jealousy of the success of Olga Borodina fans claimed that there is nothing to envy. Say, have a loving husband and kids, and Buzova it is not.

“Although children and husband will come with time and not tricky. And who knows, maybe that’s what Borodin and frustrating, only she won’t admit it” – say the followers Buzova.

“And all the rude pricks in Borodina Buzova address does it no credit and only reveal fine soul Borodina” – believe the haters.