At the mansion Pugacheva and Galkin detained the woman in the black hijab

Citizens of the former Soviet Union know what village inhabited by a family Galkin-Pugacheva. Their place of residence the star couple did not make a mystery. But probably it would not be superfluous. The other day at the house of Maxim and Alla Borisovna was detained by unknown in hijab with a suspicious bag in his hands.

The identity of the unknown was quickly installed. It was a 45-year-old native of Ingushetia named Madina. What she was doing at celebrities, the woman could not explain. But her stuff still was inspected by law enforcement officers, who for security purposes, even surrounded the estate and made a visual inspection.

In the bag, fortunately, was not discovered something forbidden or dangerous. There were only the books, as reported by Madina, in her hands the Lord himself gave it. By the way, the woman called none other than “messenger of God”.

“Was the police. Surrounded everything, — told the press that a local janitor. — Can, fan, what, maybe a maniac, just do not know. It was too late. The police just stood there and showed to all that they rode the cordon”.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: ??????.Ru

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