At Nastasya Samburski stole a huge amount of money

With the help of social networking, people share information about themselves. In case with famous people, social networks have become sites where every fan can lift the veil of secrecy in private life he is interested in the artist. But such a “service” is used not only by fans, but also criminals. For example, Nastassja Samburski robbed while she was on stage – played in the play “Salem witches” at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya”. And about the impending performance, the actress said in Instagram.

After the speech, when the former star of “Uni” returned home, she found a mess. Samburski apartment was turned upside down: “I had the premiere, I often post about it on instagram, it appears that many knew that this time, I definitely will not be at home. I came home, inserted the key, and he opened as usual. In the end, I grabbed the handle, walked in, and everything was upside down. A terrible mess. Lost grandmother’s ring, it’s not as expensive as a piece of jewelry, it is valuable as a memory. I have stolen a gift for the 30th anniversary of the Rolex watch, which I long dreamed of and which I received from friends. But the nightmare is money! Stole a huge amount I had to pay for the apartment. No technique, no laptop, no phone, no plasma, nothing took. The investigation understands, the castle took on the examination.”

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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