Aspen came in drunk during the filming of “Let them talk” – 24???

Dmitry Borisov, host of “Let them talk”, was discussed with the guests of the program life actor Dmitry Marjanov. Many said that he died because of not timely medical assistance, inform Around the TV.

According to some viewers, movie stars and show business consent to treatment at little-known centres with restricted access, to avoid unnecessary attention from the media. It turned out that in the center, where the Maryanov, was not qualified physicians who can provide the necessary assistance to the actor.

Evgeny Osin

Dmitry Borisov said he was invited to a program of the singer Evgeny Osin. As is known, earlier the man was undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol addiction in one of the Thai hospitals.

It turned out that the shooting aspens came in a drunken state. The doctor-psychiatrist and psychotherapist Eugene provided first aid. The singer was sent to a hospital in the Russian capital.