Ashley Graham spoke about izdavastvo father

One of the most famous models plus-size Ashley Graham today is an inspiration and role model to many chasers here around the world. The woman not only has achieved great success and became famous on the weight of the world because of her voluptuous forms, but are willing to share their experiences with others.

In his new book, “the New version of the model: in fact look confidence, beauty and power” (“A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like”), which she recently presented to the public, Ashley told me that she wasn’t always comfortable in his big body. Own father always humiliated her because of fullness, and openly declared about “lack of intelligence and charisma”.

“My father constantly criticized me. He was just a master of it. I even had a nickname – “Duh” (this word is used to emphasize the obvious stupidity of actions or train of thought is Prim.ed), he thought I was silly. But the biggest blow for me was the words of the father spoken to me after a conversation with my agent. I have for several years been in the modeling business, and suddenly they told me that I should lose weight. I was very offended,” — says Ashley.
Graham said that since his childhood was in the doghouse with his father, and even now, in adulthood, children’s resentment stand between them.
The model is not shy about its magnificent forms and frequent posing Nude. At first she was difficult to demonstrate their forms, so different from those that approve of the audience, but she soon realized that I need to love myself and accept my body the way it is. Ashley, a lot of fans, and most of them are the same buxom woman as she is. They often write to her and thank you for the gift of faith in myself.

Source: http://www.justjared.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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