Ashley Graham compares with Kim Kardashian

Fans of plus-size Ashley Graham to accuse her that she is trying to be like the American star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kim Kardashian. In fact in the last picture Ashley with smooth long dark hair like the wife of Kanye West.

“La La land” — posted by Ashley under the lawsuit.
“Oh, you look the spitting image of Kim!”, “Very similar to the Kardashian”, “Someone she reminds me of..Oh, Yes, don’t worry about looks just like Kim” write subscribers on page Ashley. It is unknown if she nice most the comparison, or she would like to be myself.

Recall that recently Graham released a biographical book, introducing which at the autograph sessions talked about the grievances and humiliations that she had to move from their peers and even his father, who also pressured the woman for its completeness.

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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