As Vera Brezhnev was in the “VIA gra”: producer and husband Konstantin Meladze told the truth

New interview of Konstantin Meladze was the reason for many news about his work and personal personal life. This time discussing the news about how the singer Vera Brezhnev initially got into the group “VIA Gra”.

We will remind that Konstantin Meladze became the hero of the interview Dmitry Gordon, where he touched on certain topics, so much of interest to the public, in addition to creativity Meladze. In conversation Konstantin Meladze admitted as adores Vera Brezhneva and that 10 years of lying about the affair with her. Now the users discussing the details of how Michael Jackson initially got into the group “VIA Gra” made her famous.

It is these qualities that would be useful member of the group, was in the Vera Brezhneva, which predict a third child.

I was looking for people on the street. For example, at a concert of via Gra, that was the Duo of Vinnytsia and not the fact that, in Dneprodzerzhinsk, on stage with some other girls came and Vera Brezhnev, sing into the microphone “the Attempt number 5”. It was noticed by our administrator. She came to us then to the casting. We made a video audition that left me excited, because it was an exact replica of Brigitte Bardot in his youth. Similarly, in the group got and Anna Sedokova.

Eventually, the future artist began to Shine in the clip “VIA gra” and then almost best of all was realized after leaving the group. We are sure, it’s not all sensations that saved Konstantin Meladze. As long as we recall that they’re talking about kiss Anastasia Kostenko with a girl.