As the wife of Timur Rodriguez reacted to his candid video

18 Sep famous Russian artist, husband and father Timur Rodriguez shot a video with explicit scenes for the new single “For you” where he and the actress appear Nude. The contractor admitted that his wife Anna that he is faithful for 10 years, nerves of steel, allowing him to experiment in his work.

A man brings his wife Anna and two sons — 8-year-old Miguel and almost 5-year-old Daniel. The contractor gave an interview with OK MAGAZINE, where he told a wife to his work and the attention of girls, and also about new videos and more.

“Given the fact that I’m still alive, is absolutely clear that my wife — a man with nerves of steel!” joke responsible contractor. The man says, he doesn’t even know how best to present his wife the news about these shootings, but admits that such experiments do not affect well on family life.

Shooting Timur was not easy, after all, to deceive the audience and to play love on the screen is quite a challenge. The contractor acknowledges that its clips are not competing for the place of Hollywood movies, but I tried to recreate a pleasant picture in your clip. Just clips of this plan is to avoid vulgarity, balancing on the thin side and do everything as honestly as possible. As in everyday life.” says Timur.

In addition to acting in their videos and on stage, the star appreciates any moments of your family life. “It’s important. When you finally break a few hours from time pressure and can just sit, sometimes in silence, arm in arm with his wife and children. Or watch as they fall asleep… Well, it’s time to stop, and now the syrup will flow through the screen and hurt to read the answers to the following questions and watch videos.” admits Rodriguez.

The contractor also acknowledges that his music changed from the start of his musical career. Rodriguez began performing in 2009. Since then, he has released many songs, which are distinguished for their melody and context. Despite the change of interests and Outlook on life, the singer claims not to be ashamed of any record that is in the network. “And there is nothing nicer than to hear a huge number of people sings together with you. If they liked what you write, it is a success!” says the artist.

Timur Rodriguez says that the “cult of the Pope in the house no”. He tries to educate the musical taste of their children on the songs of the great singers who have become classics. He believes that their view of music should form yourself, and if you grow up and admit his music is good — will be very happy.




Source: www.ok-magazine.ru
Photo: klipmuzik.ru, hochu.ua, uznayvse.ru

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