As the Signs of the Zodiac make repairs

Want to know a person do the repair. Some members of the zodiacal circle can easily turn this seemingly peaceful occupation in complete disaster.

Before to make repairs and to call to his volunteers, astrologers recommend to find out under what constellation were born, your future assistant. Some members of the zodiacal circle will provide you with only the extra problems and throw off all the responsibility on your head, constantly mingling underfoot. Nerve cells do not regenerate as wasted money, effort and time.


Assertive Aries — storm repairs. When it comes to repair, the reason this Sign obscures the veil: now it is vital that all was perfect and as economically as possible. First, the RAM will pass all the shops of finishing materials, will call up all the friends, studying the price lists of all known and unknown construction firms. In a month he will be ready for battle, armed with deadly weapon — promotional coupons.

Usually by this time the sellers and administrators of the shops already know the persistent Aries in the face. He is in a hurry, he’s waiting for the perfect moment. Of course, the long-awaited reconstruction process is moving at a neutral speed. Then the Rams begin to ache perfectionism: step right, step left — shot. In fact, no one lived with them until the end of their perfect repair.


Calves are sickened by the idea that the end result of the repair can not exist forever. The word “repair” makes the representatives of this Sign to flee in terror, because for them there is nothing worse than saying goodbye to your own money. On the other hand, Taureans are physically need for purity, beauty, comfort and technology. After much deliberation, hesitation, weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, they still decided to punch a huge dent in your wallet and purchase everything you need.

If you are still lucky enough to start with the Finger joint repair, be patient. Inside he is freaking out, torn between savings and quality. A perfect repair is high-quality and free result.


Gemini — kings and Queens of spontaneity. If a new flower in the pot my mother had given me, is at odds with the color of the walls, it automatically pulls to rework the entire living room. There are cases when Twins, going to the grocery store, get that carpet. So cute and pretty! But it is not suitable to the couch. So the sofa needs to be changed. And as always. The twins are easier to customize all the apartment for any thing than to get her back.

Failure of Napoleon’s plans, the Twins rarely embody conceived in life, because it is not able to save money. Therefore, in their apartment, you can often find things are inherently incompatible with each other. There’s only so much ultra-modern balcony, kitchen in a strange style, and Khrushchev’s bedroom, which has not yet reached his hands.


Cancer — a practical Sign and to repair it its technical approach, activating all long-term relationships. At their disposal there is always one neighbor who has a brother, and he knows of one master, whose works classmate, who perfectly lays tile. Them helps not only the interaction with people, but also a great memory and amazing abstract thinking. Already they know in advance which tiles will suit Wallpaper, where to buy them and how many rolls you need to have enough for the next repair.

It seems to be a perfect repair for Cancer to the work to which they were prepared universe itself. But as it is not so. Gets things done just in case, while he did not interfere. People like Raki, too attached to the opinion of a loved one or relatives. No matter how they were torn between their own sense of beauty and love to your loved ones, they will always choose the latter.


Lions for any kipish, so the repair they are doing with the light. They are a joy when everything is working, except for them. They are created in order to give instructions to pour money and enjoy their power and ease situation. Besides, when the lion starts the repair, connect all the relatives that have ties or even a car.

And no one is happier Lion when the repair suddenly breaks through the fault of the builders. He is the Royal peace and a smile on her face fines repair team in the amount of the weekly wage for the inconvenience, flipping the pancakes with a spatula and falls into a state of ecstasy.


Exclusively overhaul! What do you mean “just pokleit Wallpaper”? And who will then carry out the wiring if need be? Again the Wallpaper to peel? No, now we leveled the walls, tensioned ceilings, changing all sockets and buy new furniture. Believe me, if the representative of the Sign of Virgo will handle the repair on their own, to pay it for what will never be.

A typical Virgo don’t trust people, especially of the construction crew or the sellers of stores. More will advise that is not necessary. Why pay? All examine ourselves and try too. These people just love to repair and upgrade all around, they even are not afraid of difficulties. Repair — the process is quite nervous. This is exactly what you need Virgins: so far, they have seething emotions — they live a full life.


To do repairs with Weights — go through the seven circles of hell. It all starts in the theatre, tragic, dramatic and with a hanger. First, you need to buy all the decorations, and then, on the basis of pleasant things, to create something more. Then the nerves can not stand. First hangers, then carpet, tile, lamp, Wallpaper. It Scales, been up in the hardware store during the day, can come out of there empty handed.

Representatives of this Sign in time you know that without help there is not enough, and going straight to the designers. And then they experience more dissonance when they put an album with pictures of work done. This is the last straw in the patience of Weights. Spitting on the repair, they spend all the money set aside somewhere in the Maldives, away from all this.


The most important thing in repairs, according to the Scorpion is its uniqueness, originality and showiness. A prerequisite is the imitation of Africa or pretentious East. What’s the renovation? This activity is for wimps! What for to mow under the social stereotypes, if you can tear down walls and kitchen instead to make a pool?

Scorpio — surprisingly talented Sign, have the soul of the Creator, as not to behold the city at night from your private pool? Walls can be painted by yourself: it is necessary that the apartment felt creativity. Dipping his head in the repair process, the typical Scorpio is in great excitement, looking forward to the result. And by the way, if you happen to participate in this spectacle, be prepared to gusts of passion.


The archers approach the repair with a cheap part. What in the first place will refuse the representative of this Sign, so this is untested companies that make repairs under the key. He needs to take part in the process, but it is necessary to walk on the heels, timidly, to give advice, to say to criticize the shortcomings and cute to ask a favor of a little trim “here in this place” the tile with a ruler.

Builders will throw all forces on it to quickly handle the repair, if only behind this intelligent with your tips and requests. Therefore, the repair of this Sign often goes out in style “and just be like”. And now, after a few years the Archer once again requests the master not to make a noise so loud hammer, and even so a lot of unnecessary disturbance to neighbors.


At the beginning of the repair to Capricorn is accurate planning and estimates, multiplied by two. When the necessary money will be accumulated, you can go shopping. Here begins an amazing adventure staff from the hardware stores.

Capricorn will not lose his head, if his hands pushed the Wallpaper that he required. He came for purple Wallpaper with a sheen in silver, and the other options he had not considered. While the seller swears all the time he these are not met, a typical Capricorn waits patiently, persistently demanding his. A few hours later the consultant of a construction shop with tears in his eyes asks to choose something else. Ha! This trick will not work. By the end of the day the staff with trembling hands makes those purple Wallpaper with shimmer in silver. Now happy and calm Capricorn heading home, where it waits for unsuspecting construction crew.


Unauthorized Aquarius will never be in the center of the repair work, except accidentally going to an old friend who recently made repairs. And this question for me: how do you comfortable, and where you bought the laminate, and what is the price and discounts there, hmm… And it really is luxurious and inexpensive.

Home Aquarius returns in full armor and enthusiasm, presenting a wonderful news: tomorrow starts the repair! Better not tell him that the family budget has no money for new laminate: it can force you to Rob a Bank or getting bogged down in loans. Just not to think about any of that crap, and enjoy the luxury.


As for Fish, they love the repair in a big way. To direct the breath away. Down, here narrow, there to raise — let more light and air into the apartment. Instead of walls, you can make an aquarium. In a state of euphoria Fish turn the whole apartment upside down, and then, without warning, their money runs out. Further, the ideal scenario of repairing stretched on for months, with numerous promises to resume next Monday. But the fuse is gone.

Waiting for the miracle promised myself Fish advertise to the guests its extraordinary taste and courage to change. Stripped the wall — so that’s a trendy concept, borrowed from the movie. Surprisingly, its feeding the Fish manages to throw dust in the eyes of many Characters that delight in I think may, and myself do such a thing?

To repair is only half the battle. To become happier, you need to settle in your house with positive energy. Interior upgrade will only allow energy to circulate freely, while the ten basic rules of Feng Shui will improve your quality of life. We wish you success, be happy