As the Signs of the Zodiac Express their feelings

We’re all guilty of impulsiveness or modesty, but not at all the same supply of patience. Because of the variety of characters the expression of feelings, each person is different.

In astrology there are 12 Signs and therefore 12 ways of expressing emotions. Of course, not always so simple as it seems, but it is far from the truth, because within the same Sign of the Zodiac, you can always find some common traits of human nature. In unusual situations we all show our true essence, their vices and weaknesses.


The nature of man, especially such an emotional as Aries is always the dark forest to others. Aries Express their feelings differently, and the reasons for this a million and they are all true. On the insulting phrase, they can respond equally offensive phrase, and can say nothing, as true lovers of peace and order. Their unstable mood sometimes makes them rather sharply to say, even compliments, but this ambiguity and allows them to be who they are.


Taurus is described as a highly emotional personalities, despite belonging to the earth signs of the Zodiac. When Calves under stress or in depression, then their reaction to any negativity so violent as can be imagined. They better not mess when they are bad, but not all and not always manage to track down this, so someone always hurts. In normal times, Taureans Express their emotions safely. Pissing them off is not easy, so the negative is they answer calmly, but not without threats.


To analyze the Twins is also not very simple, because the purpose of this Sign of the Zodiac — surprise. These people may be either secretive or overly impulsive, and within the same individual. No wonder they can be difficult to live with, because I do not know who speak to you now, he’s a secretive man who never shows his emotions, or someone who might become furious in one second because of something so insignificant. In any case, to guess their mood difficult.


Raki show their emotions a bit infantile. When they manage to get rid of laziness, they can talk about themselves, about their emotions, but in most cases, Cancers have to watch, not to listen to them. They always generate a body language. When they get annoyed or nervous, they hope, begin to talk fast. In short, this is an interesting idea. Sometimes their negativity, even it is scary. Happiness is Cancers show a very low profile. It is for them taboo. In other words they do not know.


Mental and spiritual health of many lions is in question, because since childhood most members of this fire Sign are very emotional. Lions rarely manage to react calmly to negative and to Express positive emotions without loud screaming and jumping. Lions can be greedy for money, but in terms of feelings, they show them absolutely free. They do not care about what they think about other people. Provoke The Lion? Get hit in the face. Love them? They have too, but stronger.


Negative emotions and stress — the main enemy of any Virgo. When Virgo tired or someone’s pissed off, they’re ugly as hell. The love they show consistently. If they like everything, they will be in any day and any moment is equally nice, warm and good-natured. Due to his innate diplomacy Virgo get more people are not their emotions, and their apology for them.


When the Scales are going on the road, they are really dangerous, because you show emotions very rapidly. The rest of the time they are almost always calm, like a boa constrictor. Of course, we are all human, so might say the wrong thing or to punch someone for an insult, but Libra will always Express their emotions carefully. They directly say that you insulted them, or inspired, or forced to admire. They may rage a hurricane, but apparently it will be invisible.


More just provoke the negative emotions of Scorpions by financial difficulties and health problems. In this case, they Express their feelings as openly as possible. In the first case they are nervous and irritable, and in the second — go into a deep depression. All the rest of them, and if concerned, is simply not able to withdraw beyond the zone of calm. Scorpios often, being in a quandary, take it out on others but then greatly regret it and apologize. Emotions need to pay, and they know it.


Sagittarians are amazingly lucky. They feel the approaching luck and can use this to your advantage. That is why they very rarely allow themselves to Express their feelings inappropriately, rudely. Yes, they can be very creative in this regard, but they are never so emotional to offend someone with their actions. If you try, you can to provoke them, but in this case the Archers quickly cooled. It’s their nature — they do an excellent job with negativity.


Capricorns constantly need to strengthen their aura, because otherwise they can just wear down themselves by negative emotions. Capricorns are very difficult to contain feelings of anger, sadness, worries, but they may well keep yourself happy. This explains the fact that most people think that Capricorns are secretive or emotionless. As long as their energy is weak, they will allow negative feelings to come out.


Aquarians always show emotions, but they are willing to apologize for it. They know that words affect karma as actions or thoughts. These people are superstitious, so I can apologize. They can’t accept defeat because of impulsiveness. They just don’t need to be guess. Aquarians Express their feelings in deeds and actions, not words or fists.


Fish always think that they have an unlucky streak in life, if something bad is happening. When they are good, they rejoice from the heart, showing everyone how happy they are. Any negativity they perceive in bayonets. Any feelings of Fish trying to keep but does not always work out. Most often, negative emotions Fish, you can guess according to the degree of their depression. The stronger the depression and detachment, the closer the problem to the sphere of love.

Learn to control your destiny through the emotions. Keep yourself in hand when you want to pour on the man a hail of accusations or harsh words. Learn how to manage yourself to learn how to manage your life.