As Masha Efrosinina became a lawyer – look on the channel “Ukraine”

As Masha Efrosinina became a lawyer – look on the channel “Ukraine”

Detective drama “Triple protection” on the channel “Ukraine” has worked the last six months, will be presented to the viewer on Monday, August 22, at 21:00. This is the first Prime in the series of own production of TV channel “Ukraine”.

Drama tells the story of three friends – Vladimir, Boris and Tamara. They are United by work, friendship and memories of his dead comrade Maxim Raevskiy. Max was the husband of Tamar and died under mysterious circumstances during the operation delay of the gang. Now, after a year and a half after his death, the threat hanging over Tamara. On this guess, Boris, and begins to act. It is driven by the desire to solve the mystery of the death of a friend and long-time love for Tamara.

The role of the main heroine played presenter and actress Masha Efrosinina, which had to work in a purely male company with Eugene, Volovenko (Bob) and Artemy Egorova (Vaughan). The role of the villain is played by a popular Ukrainian actor Andrey Saminin.

“Men always work well. Especially with professionals. For me, this experience was a real gift of fate. Especially in the kind of work with him Zamenimym. The films I watched at different times. I was really lucky — three beautiful partner for a different taste, choose,” — says Masha Efrosinina.

In the series “Triple protection” actress really have to choose – two men will compete for her heart.

16-a serial picture from Director Anatoly Mateshko and Anton Azarov has already managed to win recognition of the audience. The pre-premiere screening of “Triple protection” was held this summer in the framework of the project “TV?? series” on the 7th Odessa International film Festival.

On the film worked for the company Fresh Production.

Watch the premiere of the detective drama “Triple Protection” on Monday, August 22, at 21:00!


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv