As actually name of the son of Kim and Kanye?

A year and a half ago, the family of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a second child – a son. The pair dreamed of replenishment, because baby they decided to name the Saint (the Saint is translated from eng. “Holy”). But as it turned out, Kim and Kanye’s not what I meant when gave his son such an extravagant at first glance the name. Saint, in this case more correct to speak not as “Holy” and as “Saint” (Yes, almost Yves Saint Laurent). The reason – the love of Kim and Kanye to everything French. By the way, the little Saint on the popularity can compete with their parents. Recently, Kim showed how grown up her son by posting a new picture. In less than a day, the post gathered more than 2 million “likes”.

Note that now with France Kim are not the most pleasant emotions and impressions.

Recall that in the autumn of last year Kardashian was attacked, which she admits she won’t soon forget. Will you forget?

Kardashian admits that she will never regain her previous life and faith in people, because according to one version of a tip-off that the Paris and Kim brought the jewels, gave one of his own, i.e., its immediate environment. “My life divided into “before” and “after” the robbery. I really wonder why the French police did not bring any results. I have ceased to hope that the perpetrators will find, especially after all this time,” said Kardashian recently.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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