Arshavin, Jr., predicting his career

Four-year son Andrey Arshavin Arseniyborn in a civil marriage with Yulia the baranouskaya, in his tender age already interested in football and he is easily controlled with the ball. Video evidence that his mother had provided on his page on the social network.


Recall that Andrew himself has previously played in “Zenith” and “Arsenal”, and is now a Kazakh midfielder of FC “Kairat”. In the last few days about Arshavin not saying only dumb – a famous footballer married his sweetheart Alice Catimini and soon will become a father.

“Genes are genes”,”100% player”, “better than the Pope and a football player, a man” — posted by netizens in the comments to the video, which young Arseniy famously managed with a ball, alluding to the fact that the father of Andrew was turned, so-me: last week a representative of the athlete told the media that Arshavin finally met his children, brought them gifts and even walked through the Park, but the mother of the children, Yulia Baranovskaya denied this information. It stated that Andrew, as before, do not talk with their older children, which is not seen for almost three years. Baranovskaya not preclude them from meetings, they will not initiate himself the father of many children. By the way, two children, Alice born in her previous marriage, Andrew replaced his father.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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