Arpad Busson said that Uma Thurman does not allow him to see his daughter from harm

In a new York court in Manhattan Supreme Court last Friday held a regular meeting, which considered the issue of custody of a common child uma Thurman and her former lover Arpad of Busson.

This meeting was a scandalous character, because the businessman allowed himself to call the mother of his daughter of the moon “an alcoholic” and “mentally unbalanced”.

According to Arpad, he had to make these controversial statements for a simple reason – he intends by all means to achieve his rights to see his daughter.

Now Thurman it actively prevents. In the past the court decision says that the father has the right to visit his daughter in the evening by agreement with her mother. Mind you every time tried to prevent it: “It was not difficult, but impossible. I was repeatedly denied. I asked my daughter’s mother about each meeting with her. I tried to persuade her to go with me to the Bahamas. In may I had to agree that she be released to me for the summer. This story is repeated again and again…”

In defense of that little Moon will feel in the company of the Pope and of his family, Arpad told that the girl gets along well with his brothers (the children of Busson from his marriage to Elle MacPherson): “It is with them in a very good relationship — very warm and friendly. I try to spend with them as much as possible from that which is available to me outside of work. I try to actively participate in their education, adequate health care and provide them with the opportunity to engage in sports and other activities. I am an important part of their lives.”

By the way, Arpad at the trial questions were asked about the relationship Thurman with alcohol. But it was not answered. Lawyers of the actress protested and did not give the defendant to respond, pointing out that he Buson on the same question, also remained silent.

Recall the marriage, Thurman and Busson did not take place. For the first time Mind broke off the engagement in 2009, returning her bride chic ring in 8 carat. In 2011 she took him back, and a year later they had a Moon. Two years later the couple broke up.


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