Aromatherapy: get rid of negative thoughts and emotions

Aromatherapy is rarely used in modern medicine. But you should know that odors have a significant impact on our emotional state and help prevent depression.

On the use of certain scents has been known since ancient times. People used them for medicinal purposes or used in self care. Cosmetics and perfume based on essential oils was the clear favorite among women. In the early 20th century, doctors began to use aromatherapy in medicine. It was already known about the soothing properties of some scents, so this method of relaxation is widespread.

Now essential oils still hold its place in the cosmetics and alternative medicine. On the experience of many people it is proved that aromatherapy helps to cope with negative emotions and banish negative thoughts.

Aromatherapy as a way to improve mood

The main means of treatment in aromatherapy are essential oils. At the moment you can purchase various essential oils that have different properties. If you notice that you are overwhelmed by bad thoughts and negative emotions, then the best treatment for you will be oil of lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, geranium, sandalwood and Basil.

Lavender. This plant has long been known for its healing properties. Lavender oil has strong soothing properties. It promotes strength, relieves anxiety, brings thoughts in order and helps to abstract from all problems. Lavender essential oil helps to combat negative emotions and increased aggression.

Melissa. The best means of dealing with stress is Melissa oil. Its pleasant smell will help you relax, provide peace of mind and will have a positive impact on your energy. In the old days, Melissa oil is actively used for protection from the evil eye and spoilage.

Daisy. To combat excessive emotionality and irritability can help you chamomile oil. It has a nice blue color and an unobtrusive scent. His help will be essential if you are overcome with heightened emotional sensitivity or insomnia.

Geranium. Geranium oil due to its properties, composition and light scent goes well with other essential oils. It helps to put in order thoughts, relieves stress and strain, and is an effective tool in the fight against migraines.

The oil of sandalwood. Relieves occasional depression and panic attacks. Oil of sandalwood improves mood and relieves insomnia. It is used during meditation, to cleanse the thoughts of negativity and to restore inner harmony.

Basil. One of the most powerful soothing essential oils is Basil oil. It helps to cope with stress, restores vitality, improves mood and is a good means of dealing with negative emotions. Actively used in case of strong depression, helps to promote self-esteem and significantly strengthens faith in yourself.

How to use essential oils

Using essential oil as a sedative, it is not necessary to take it inside: it is enough to smell it around yourself, or apply topically during massage.

A soothing bath. In this use of fragrances should remember the main rule — if you add the oil into the water in its pure form, it will not do good and will just float on the surface. So before add the oil in a bath filled, it should be mixed with honey, milk or cream. This combination will provide not only soothing effect, but will become an excellent cosmetic which gives the skin a smooth, saturating it with vitamins. Take a bath no more than 20 minutes.

Massage using essential oils. Excellent relaxing effect has massage with essential oils. Select any soothing oil, mix it with cream and apply on the body. Lavender oil, due to its chemical composition, can be applied on skin in its pure form, the remaining oil should be diluted before external use.

Essential oil as an air freshener. So during the day to feel a nice soothing scent, you can pour a glass of water and add a few drops of oil. Then you will feel calm and peaceful both at home and at work.

Using the tips that provided you with the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru you will be able to rid himself of negative thoughts and to overcome destructive emotions. Aromatherapy as a natural way of dealing with stress will help you to stabilize your emotional state and will provide peace of mind for the whole day. Also using essential oils can bring happiness and love. Take care of yourself and your loved ones