Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate son trains

Iron Arnie, who is also the former Governor of California, he is the star of “Terminator” and simply Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his love of training with weights, attaches to him and his son. But not the puny Patrick, who gave birth to his ex-wife Maria Shriver, a stalwart of the blood-milk Joseph, the fruit of adultery artist with a housekeeper.
The young man is incredibly similar to his father, a DNA test you can do, you can see everything. After the divorce (actually, Joseph was the reason), Arnold would often speak to his illegitimate son. We must pay tribute, do not forget Schwarzenegger with all of his children.

The other day Arnie and Joseph noticed riding a bike in the gym Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. A few months ago in the same hall a couple of “lifted weights”. In fact, the son had studied under his famous father, who, as no one knows what’s what in these exercises.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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