Arab cinema has been its “Game of thrones”

In the network appeared the teaser of the new Arabic series “Orchid,” which look forward to the Eastern audience. The Director of the project Hatem Ali admits that his work is a duplicate of the most popular kinozal series “Game of thrones”, filmed by HBO.

The first series of “Orchid” will be released on 27 may, the first day of the Holy Muslim fasting of Ramadan. The plot of the series main characters Princess Ramla, Queen Khatun, and the Prince a Hint of intrigue and struggle for power. Although the series is called historical, all the events in it are fictional. The shooting took place on the territory of Romania and France and to create the plot, the writers took a historical tradition of Egypt. the Sumerian and Assyrian civilizations.

According to the Director, in “the Orchid” has managed to collect a whole constellation of Arab cinema – all completely stars of the first magnitude, which is very popular. The costume design was developed by a Syrian fashion designer Raja Makhlouf, under whose guidance a month and a half were more than thousand suits.
Hatem tells you that the coolness of the story “Orchid” is not inferior to the “Game of thrones”, but in contrast to the popular HBO TV series, explicit scenes in Arab TV show will not.

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
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