Appeared the details of the “magic” between Buzova and Gritsenko

More recently, many fans of telestroke were not ready to believe in the rumors, which attributed to the ol “magic” with Roman Gritsenko, especially since he already had the girl – Lisa Triantafilidis. However, after analyzing the behavior of Roma to Elizabeth, many came to the conclusion that the affinity between him and Buzova it is likely, according to the site life-dom2.su.

Moreover, the last time there was an assumption that sex young people had not only on the “Island of love”, but in Moscow. At least the fact that after the airport Gritsenko did not go to the Clearing, and spent time in the company of Vitaly Malyshev who had an affair with the makeup girl Buzova, eloquently speaks for itself, but what happened to voice out loud the Roma, and there has not been without a team lead, can not and are unlikely to ever dare.

“It seems to me that when Olga is located next to the Novel, she seemed lit with some inner light, I personally think that she just needed” – wrote one of the fans of “House 2”.