Apartment Darina Markina and Nikita Kuznetsova was too small

However, despite the presence of a huge army of fans, few of them could find words of admiration after Nikitos published pictures of the new apartment. Many of the audience were deeply surprised when they realized how unpresentable it looks like the apartment won by the guys in the contest, the website life-dom2.su.

If we take into account photo with romantic guys out their future bedrooms, it becomes evident that the space in this apartment, barely enough for one Nikitos. And if to put the young man down, his feet and head rested right in the wall. Needless to mention that the cot for the new baby space in the room just left.

“However, I do not see any problem here. Apartment in the capital won in the contest, the money in its purchase is not nested, all right. I will want to earn on the apartment better” – was the opinion of the fans of “House 2”.