Antonio Banderas will play the role of Gianni Versace

Antonio Banderas will play the role of Gianni Versace

Banderas “head” plunged into the world of fashion.

55-year-old Antonio Banderas received an interesting offer. He will play the famous designer Gianni Versace in a new project, the Danish Director Billy August?

Shooting will start in Milan, then the crew will move to the South of Italy — in Reggio di Calabria, where was born the great couturier. The final phase of work on the project will take place on the other side of the ocean is in Miami — it was here that he spent the last years of life Versace until his tragic death in 1997.

As stated by the Director of the film, its future creation will not qualify for the documentary. “We did not even approve the plot of our next movie from the heirs of Versace. It will be more fantasy on the theme of life Gianni,” explained Billy Augusta.

Billy, on account of which many prizes, including the Palme d’or at the Cannes film festival and two top awards film festival in Berlin, will be working with Banderas for the first time. In 1993, the Director has already shot Antonio in his film “House of spirits”.

Banderas himself has assured that he is a very interesting topic of the project. The fact that Antonio currently he is studying fashion design at the famous London school Central College of art and design St. Martin. So currently the world of fashion close to him and understandable.

A film about Versace, scheduled to begin in December. Prior to this, Banderas ahead of shooting the Thriller “Solty”, and next year scheduled to work in the film about Picasso, where he will be playing the great artist.


Source and photo: 7days.ru