Antonina of Toderica sure he Kupina like Aliana Ustinenko

You know that Bob and Allianoi participate in the filming of KVD on TNT. And on the days were shooting, which invited Aliana to find out the truth… the Whole story started on HPC, when Aliana was playing with Alex on the same team. And Alex flirted with her it was noticed by the participants.
After the game, did not depart from Aliani, walked to the door and asked to take a picture of them together. Taking pictures is my husband. Alex with Roma even argued who would take pictures together. Then together they went to the Mall and there was a question by Lesha: what men like Eliane. Later, he asked for a room Aliani and asked her several times if she wants to get back to the project? After that, she began to write with the same question.

I wouldn’t write about it, but this conversation raised for the project! And Alex began to deny sympathy, because the audience and the participants don’t know much. But Aliana didn’t tell all the details, probably due to the good relationship to Alex, though she knew the truth. If Maya did not sleep, he continued to write Eliane to call her on the project. Aliana just kept Alex at a friendly distance. Of course, he saved himself. And discuss it on the project where Aliani no and all they hear only the version of Alex. Without the cameras, it was different. What do you think? A man will just like to ask, what men like a woman and call her project if she’s not attracted to?