Anton Yelchin received the recall notice the car after his death

It sounds like a mockery of fate. Actor Anton Elchinawho died, allegedly due to a malfunction of the vehicle, on the seventh day after death received a notice that his Jeep Grand Cherokee as the whole series of cars recalled because of the frequent complaints about the transmission. This was reported by other grieving parents of Anton, who lost his only son.

The publication Variety reported, citing lawyer Garry gordika of representing the interests of parents Alcina, “the campaign for the recall of vehicles was too small and it was too late.” Only Fiat Chrysler recalled about 800,000 cars.
Due to the poor design of the gear lever, drivers confuse neutral and Parking gear. I suppose that in that ill-fated day on June 19 Anton parked near his home, stopping the car in neutral. In the end, his car rolled and simply crushed the young man, holding it between the metal gate and the post.
Anton’s body was found by his friends who seemed suspicious that his friend is not answering his phone and didn’t come to the rehearsal. Unfortunately, to help him already could do nothing – he showed no signs of life.
After the tragedy claims to Fiat Chrysler filed not only parents Elcina, but other owners of this series of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
In Hollywood, Anton, best known for playing Kyle Reese in the film “Terminator: Yes come Savior” and Pavel Chekhov in the recently revived series “star trek”, predicted a great future.

Source: http://variety.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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