Announced the reasons for departure of Malakhov “channel”: He found two replacement

Andrey Malakhov is one of the most popular and recognizable leading Russian television. Place of work remains the First channel, and so from the beginning of the nineties. In those days he was engaged in the creation of stories for Ostankino, and then, in 2001, received its show “Big Laundry”. The program replaced the “Five evenings”.




Four years later appeared the show “Let them talk” – an analysis of the life and everyday situations with real participants. Transfer quickly rose in the rankings and remains popular to this day. Except for “Let them talk” Andrey Malakhov has a Saturday program “Tonight.” He is in the top thirty of the richest Russian stars, earning, according to one popular publication, more than a million rubles a year.



“Let them talk”, the largest project Malakhova, it’s a show that runs four times a week. There are different resonant themes, which sometimes have a sequel. For example, a number of issues with Diana Shurygina minors that whether raped or not. It’s also worth remembering the discussion of popular struggle leading Dana Borisova with its existing dependence on drugs, death in the Tver region, botched plastic surgery and the fight for who will own the children like star, and the families of ordinary citizens.



Can now radically change? The fact that there were rumors about the departure of Andrei Malakhov completely from the First channel, VGTRK. Information is in no way confirmed, but only covered in certain media, where allegedly referring to some very informed sources. In fact, for fans Malakhova it was a big surprise. Some argue that the First channel is on no it will not, other good luck, while others say “Let them talk” without this leading will be not so that you want to watch. Many directly interested in the care Malakhov on his pages at the Internet, but prefers a celebrity does it not answer. The leading thought no more about the sea. Anyway, these are pictures and video he demonstrates followers. However, according to the representative of the artist Alexei Mandela, news published by the media about the care, not particularly impressed. Specifically about it, do leave Malakhov the First channel, however, the answer was not given. Alexey Mindel said only that his boss of the TV organization was invited to conduct the festival of “Heat” in Baku.


Some persons I declare that supposedly Andrey Malakhov asked to pick up all his stuff from the pavilion show “Let them talk”. Others, however, respond that the pavilion is different there, old and new, and new nothing has changed. Pictures, however, clear evidence does not show one. The first channel is the official review of the situation does not. The inhabitants are the same that say that it could be predictable, as one leading television previously, this organization had already left, I believe that this is such a PR stunt. Internet users remember that once the First channel has already arranged something, but without such a strong connection to the press. Presenter, the subject matter of those times, will, of course, are gone. Where, according to rumors, will get to generally Andrey Malakhov?



It supposedly will take to show “live”, the former brainchild of Boris Korchevnikov, on the channel “Russia 1”, which refers to the holding VGTRK. In fact, a recent in response to the questions of the journalists gave to understand that if something once and it will be, it is clearly not in the near future, since all the leaders went on vacation, and without them no one, of course, work will not accept.



As for Boris Korchevnikov, he has completely switched to the religious channel “Spas”. Actually, this is probably the only more or less reliable information, because on the official website of the organization leading the “Live” really is listed as General Director and General producer. However, no comments from Korchevnikov is not in the form of press interviews, or as appeals to the Internet. Only rumors from “informed sources” that were thwarted by the shooting of the new issue of “Live” because the presenter just has not arrived. It is believed that Korchevnikov can not give at the same time the head of “Savior” and to lead the program on “Russia 1”, but confirmation of this is not. Hypothetically, who would replace Andrey Malakhov on the First channel? Again odd differences in opinion. Then write that it’s some kind of new identity, which previously nothing was on the major channels, that it would be Dmitry Shepelev.



The latter, when asked, offered to request information from the First channel. Actually, he there do appear, however, as a leading new programs, a project that Shepelev has told his followers on the Internet in a short video. One of the reasons why Malakhov allegedly to leave the show, which he so long and successfully engaged it, it has some omissions with unknown media personality female. Whether the producer, or other significant person, according to rumors, left with “Russia 1” and goes to the First channel, promoting the new program Shepeleva. Supposedly this person some so serious omissions with Malakhov, what she did, and kicks.


According to the latest information, in a network there are several versions of the reasons for the departure of Malakhov. Maybe the TV “is gaining a price” on the background of the last scandal with producer Natalia Nikonova, which allegedly “promotes” on the big screen Dmitry Shepelev. According to another version – Malakhov intends to implement its own project on the RTR. Least is true the version of the search on the Ground for someone “younger” in the person of Boris Korchevnikov.


In short, in this story too many rumors. More like a fiction of journalists for the sake of ratings, because not enough evidence version, given that the real prerequisites for the departure of Malakhov “Let them say” no. However, what really becomes clear with time.