Anna Ukolova said that I would have on itself – 24???

In an interview with media representatives of the actress Anna Ukolova told about the filming of the television series “the Ivanov-Ivanov.” According to the actress, for the sake of participation in the film, she had to abandon the usual way, informs WomanHit.

Creating an image for the heroine of the popular television series, Ukolov decided to add remarkable detail — curly bangs. According to Anna, she wanted to be like the heroine of tape “Lonely provided hostel”. This movie was released in 1983.

Anna Ukolova | Movie-Theater.RU “has Had even forgotten about the manicure to match the image,” – said the actress in an interview with the Russian press.

Told the celebrity and about his relationship to the Russian Directors. According to Anna, when she graduated from GITIS, Yuri Moroz and Alexander Veledinsky immediately invited her to participate in his work.

“They became my godparents dads in the movies”, said Ukolova.

Speaking about his family life, Anna said that learned a lot from her husband.

“She would get married, because gold, not a wife!”, — said Anna.