Anna Semenovich will sue for using his photo without permission

Singer Anna Semenovich, the former participant of group “Shining” will not allow you to cash in on your good name to all sorts of scams. The actress said it has hired well-known lawyer to defend her in court. Anna is going to achieve justice justice and punish the abusers who use her pictures for advertising “naughty sites”.

37-year-old celebrity never doubt that with the assistance of a lawyer will be able to defeat injustice.
“This time I decided to go to the end and punished according to the law of criminals who without my permission to use my image in advertising their vulgar sites???????? to Protect my interests a lawyer Sergei Zhorin, he never lost a trial and has helped many stars in the fight for the truth and his name. @advokatzhorin’ll keep you informed, together we will win ? ???? ” she wrote on Instagram under the joint fot with the well-known capital lawyer Sergey Garinim.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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