Anna Semenovich posted bed the and Domogarova

Anna Semenovich shared the scenes from the shooting of the new film. In the photo, the singer is lying in bed with actor Alexander by Domogarova.

Anna Semenovich is famous Russian singer, was shown in bed with the 54-year-old Alexander by Domogarova. Your post star signed with the hashtag #Staropramen.

According to the 37-year-old mayor, they actor by Domogarova busy together in the filming of a great movie, and she immediately from the first glance I liked the script because it was very fresh, good and love.

The singer said that her character loves and is loved. In comments to bed photo, fans left many enthusiastic comments. They look forward to the release of the movie on the screen. His name has not been disclosed. There were also detractors, who began to criticize the mayor, noting that she is not an actress and no talent at stars, no.