Anna Semenovich fuck up his face


Singer and actress Anna Semenovich is an active user of social networks where every day pleases its fans with new photos. This time, however, fans began to claim that the artist went too far with the Botox injections.
Anna Semenovich on his official page in social network Instagram posted a new picture, where I reported about the success of her new video for the song “I Want to be with you.” However, instead glad for the success of the singer, members began to actively discuss the face of the mayor. Some even suspected that Anna was overdoing it with the “beauty shots”.
“Botox is pinned up, and apparently failed!”, “Look very odd to the eye. You injection was done?”, “No need to disfigure themselves with Botox, don’t be another puppet!”, – wrote under the followers of the artist. S. replied to fans that her face has changed not Botox, but a simple lack of sleep.