Anna Semenovich criticized for the botched Botox injections

Singer Anna Semenovich shared with fans of creative plans, told about new projects. But subscribers artist interested in the changes in appearance of the singer and suspected that Anna did Botox injections.


Anna Semenovich in his microblog said that in the fall she planned several new projects. But followers of Anna was more interested in her appearance. According to them, the face of the singer looks unusual, as if she was talking to the beautician for the “beauty shots”: “Botox is pinned up, and apparently failed!”, “Look very odd to the eye. You injection was done?”, “Or injections, or the first plastic surgery, but the face is quite another,” “do Not disfigure yourself with Botox, don’t get another doll!”.

The singer could not pass up the criticism and said that to the specialists for injection rejuvenation is not applied, and small changes associated with autumn lack of sleep.