Anna Sedokova was embarrassing during a concert


Anna Sedokova, a former member of the group “VIA Gra” broke up dress directly during a concert.
The incident occurred with the singer last weekend. Then the girl appeared in front of the Kazan spectators.
It seemed that it was definitely not her day as the concert outfit she had in only one instance. However, Anna did not show his embarrassment. Then the song to the end, Sedokova went backstage and put on a dress backwards because the neckline was on her back, and she was quite uncomfortable to hold it in singing.
In the end, the treacherous top of the dress she wore the shirt and tie that she gave the workers of the club. To his surprise, Anna had heard a lot of good reviews from subscribers. They are really proud of the fact that their favorite singer not rubbed in such circumstances, and could give a stunning concert.
I should add that all the songs during the concert program Anna Sedokova sang only alive.