Anna Sedokova told about the difficulties of communicating with the eldest daughter

Singer Anna Sedokova — the mother of three children. A woman who combines a career artist, own business and raising children. What problems did the singer, with her eldest daughter Alina?

Artist is not easy. Repeatedly learned that the hard way Anna Sedokova, who not long ago gave birth to a son from a man younger. Daughter, of course, supported the mother, but they also do not have enough of her attention and love .

As you know, Anna is now managing its business, writes songs, sings, has a blog. And when she finds the time to education Alina and Monica? Sugapa around the older was not happy with this attitude and the girl said to Anna that she does not love her.

Work or children?

“Mom you don’t love me, you love your work” — heard it a few days ago from the eldest daughter of the singer.

Of course, Anna Sedokova was taken aback from the words of his daughter, but found a way out and decided to explain to Alina.

“I can’t afford just to lie with you on the couch day. I don’t want to go. I can’t, it’s not my scene, not my way of life and thinking. I can’t the hour to listen to who said what to whom from the girlfriends, or how much is a Louis backpack. Fifteen minutes, then do not. I’m sorry,” said Anna to his followers.

Quarrel with her daughter

“Alina had a fight because I force her to read, go to classes, write your training schedule. And she forgets. Includes your phone, looks like there girlfriends, and does nothing. She cried, I held,” shared Anna sore with the readers of his microblog.

Suffice to say, Anna Sedokova found alternative occupations Aline. Mother offered the girl started a blog and realize your design ideas. Alina agreed. Now they will do the same.

We have previously reported, the singer Anna Sedokova in the new album will present all their pain and happiness.