Anna Sedokova sharing touching photos with her little son

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova shared on Instagram a new photo with her son, than touched by the subscribers.

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova became the mother of many children, giving birth to a son. This is the third child of a popular celebrity. However, to this day, have not appeared accurate information about who is the father of the boy, who was named Hector .

The singer was touched by the fans

Anna Sedokova is often published in your microblog in the social network Instagram fresh pictures. It tells about your feelings, thoughts and emotions, and often praises their offspring.

Now its members are looking forward to the new images, which will captured her youngest child. Also everyone is interested to know who the father of Hector. Recently there were rumors that they is a well-known Russian singer, member of popular group MBAND Anatoliy Tsoy.

“Hold me tight…”

Anna Sedokova on the subject prefers not to spread. But willingly shares with followers fresh photos of 4-month-old Hector.

According to our journalist Amalia Chervinchuk, Sedokova published several photos that were recently taken during her walks with her son.

“Hold me tight. I will not fail, #HECTOR” (RUF. and the point of the authors saved here and hereafter. – Approx. ed.) – signed singer one of the pictures with my son.

“How cute!!! Nyashnye!!”, “Anya’s very nice of you love in your heart much health to you and your children”, “I-aaei))mimimi))) Fingers grow”, “do I look like?)) for a mom or dad?))”, “It’s really cute,” he touched the subscribers of Anna Sedokova Instagram.

And recently, Anna Sedokova told about what she have problems when dealing with the eldest daughter.