Anna Sedokova: I don’t need someone else’s dragon


Singer Anna Sedokova told the TV guide, why called the son of Hector, admitted how to make money, and shared the secret of the amazing disappearance of cellulite.

All hope for the son

The girls took the appearance of a family has one child?

The word “jealousy” is unfamiliar to us. It is not between the sisters, and no brother. Although girls are not the best age difference: 12 and 6 years. When did Monica, Alina was not so old to babysit her, and not so small, to play on equal terms. And the youngest, as soon as they began to move on their own, imposed a sister every second. And continues to do so. There is no such day in the morning and Monica is not wearing a favorite t-shirt Alina or her shorts. I ask: “whose Is the shorts?” — “My” — says with pride. And poor Alina watches as assign her things.

When older guests come, I have a younger literally forcibly drag out from the room, not to disturb to communicate. Alina is a teenager, she desperately needed now, her mink, in which no one owl. In fact, she has no one but me. Her dad is a football player Valentin Belkevich died three years ago. Although the girl grew up without him, but grieved that loss. And Monica, on the contrary, the cycle of love and happiness. Dad, grandma on my father’s side they adore and pamper. Ale is hard to look at it, she’s too young to be so wise. Well, four months Huck patronize both swaddled, dressed up, worn on the hands.

There is a difference in the education of girls and the boy?

Of course! I feel like a mother proud. And most importantly — you do realize how boys, girls differ? So, when I first described — as only boys can, I have been to this attraction are absolutely not ready. (Laughs.)

Why chose for his son such an unusual name?

I really wanted to name it something heroic to become strong and brave, could fight for the family. I was always looking for protection from men. His dad never support did not see — he and my mom divorced when I was little. With men the relations were not always perfect. So I decided that all hope for the son.

Do not struggle with weight, but with uncertainty

As a mom of three children it turns out to look gorgeous?

I must say that the mother of three children is quite recovered — I now weigh ten pounds more than before the birth of Huck. But the compliments I receive every day. It is talking about? That we are all completely different. And beautiful in different ways. I admire skinny girls who easily fit in leather pants, high-waisted, but I understand that I have my own pros — beautiful booty and big Breasts.

This realization did not come immediately. But as soon as it came, a miracle happened: I have gone the cellulite. No, maybe the body of it remained, but disappeared from my head. You know what I mean? Cellulite is no longer a problem, it has become irrelevant to me. I love myself for who I am. What else is needed?

Of course, I have beauty secrets. It is necessary to maintain yourself in good shape. Not so much physical as mental: do not allow yourself to be sad, not to feel sorry for yourself. When was the last month of pregnancy, made a documentary, worked on a new reality show (not yet able to talk about it, soon everyone will know), and two days before the birth of the heck did the photo shoot. In addition, I have a business, the production of clothing — i.e. office, employees, customers. When there sad? Sometimes, of course, rolls. Then allow yourself half an hour to roar, locked in the bedroom. And after that get up and go on.

Well, the sport has not been canceled: go to the gym, swim, run. And do not do it for the sake of reducing or increasing the volume. And certainly not in order for someone to like. It’s important to me for myself. And men… you Know, I have long realized that they don’t notice your extra kilos, they notice your lack of confidence. Here it is necessary to fight.

And no stranger uncle

To contain three children and to look great, you have a lot of money. Cope with the expenditure side?

I need the money not just for the kids and yourself. I have my own clothing line. So the 1st and 15th of each month ten of my employees, regardless of whether I’m sick, had a baby, broke up with her boyfriend, “heart in bandages” or another kind of attack, get your money. And the tenth day of pay for the office. Add the cost of a nanny, an apartment, food and so on. Every day I think about where the money to produce. Wake up in the morning and instead of playing with their children, chat with them, to indulge, to go to work to make your business profitable. I have no backyard of a man who magically all decide. All by herself.

And while certainly I often hear: “You’re the mother, why did you leave your children and work all the time?”

Just because I’m a mother, I have to work constantly. Children need to eat every day, to drink, to study, to live somewhere. And all this costs money. Not for a moment forget about the fact that she rose from the bottom. I’m from a very poor family, my dad and mom divorced with a terrible scandal. Father has not helped, and my mother, a teacher, worked 24 hours a day, to somehow feed my brother and me.

I will never forget the humiliation associated with lack of money. Full. Total. One day the yard came a huge truck with Polish plates, the driver just opened the window and began to throw in the crack of gum. I remember going to the yard, and all the children like little dogs for meat, threw on a treat. And I was one of them — along with all jumped and caught that gum.

And after some time we with ensemble, which was then engaged, went on tour to Germany and kind locals gave us poor Soviet children, a bag of used soft toys. I still remember the purple dragon, which I got: it was dirty, covered in some jam. But I was happy because I had my personal stuffed toy.

Even in a nightmare do not want to see my children playing someone else’s dirty dragon. Therefore will do anything to avoid this. And I want to protect those girls who are still suffering. Because this can very easily approach the man and say, “Girl, come with me. I know you and mom are starving, and I can give you food.” And she will go for the man — but where to go, she also wants to save his mother from hunger… you Know what they say — experienced it firsthand.

The University teachers, adult men offered me things. Of course, I even listen to them did not want to, turned and left. But these memories are still alive. And I’m working to establish a Fund to help girls from poor families. I will help them find an honest, good job, get an education and have the opportunity to earn in a different way, not going with strange men.

It’s bad now, but it would be better

Your life is always under the microscope — discuss how you live, with whom, how and what is not. Isn’t it annoying?

Me a million times criticized the fact that to live as I live, it is impossible. I agree, there are moments that surprise even me. Recently in Turkey at the concert, he announced: “And now, the stage is my children — Alina Belkevich and Monica Cherniavsky”. And I thought to myself: “you’re Anna Sedokova, and Hector is another name for the fourth in your family.” But then I said to myself — what the hell?! The fourth face, with a different name — it’s my life!

Did not call to follow my example. I’m not a Saint, not a perfect mother and wife. I may not be a perfect singer. But do not build yourself out of who are not. All of its existence trying to say: “Even if you guys are bad — would be better.” And show you what I did, what any ass can find a way out. By the way, I see — said the word “ass”, although it is unlikely that any other artist would allow it in an interview. I let it go.

Now this strange time has come — everyone can tell you what he thinks about you. The Internet allows you to engage in dialogue, and many use it. I notice that before the main shaft the most evil, uncomplicated, monosyllabic comments like “stupid”, “ugly”, “stupid” came up with accounts of young children. Poor, lonely, thrown out by their parents in “Instagram” and left there unattended. Now the same words in the comments I write for grown men.

And when I questioned why they need it, you know: they can’t accept the idea that a woman can earn more than they that women may be your office, business, name, status. They see my success as their own failure. And instead of having to get up off the couch and start working, write one-word comments, translated into normal human language meaning: “she Just has a rich boyfriend”. Yes, they have no idea how to actually given me my success and my money!

Will not be destroyed

And it really seems that you live without any worry that things are going great, and by itself.

I’ll tell you how the evening Ani Sedokova? Not the advertising pictures you see on the Internet and real, live Ani? Here I come home after a long day at the office, after the shooting, meetings, negotiations — all at the same time. I enter the apartment, take Huck in his arms, and then Ala Monica saying, “Mom, come play with us. You spend all day at work, we miss you”. And I at this moment really want is just to sit on the sofa, stare at the wall and sit at least five minutes in complete silence without movement. And I understand that I’m the worst mother in the world, because they can’t give their children what they need, I don’t have the energy.

But I try to be a good mother. If going to the concert, take all with me. Although in this case, the negotiations, surveys and interviews added more stress to the “take all passports and birth certificates, order all the tickets, collect things.” And here we are flying, for example, in Turkey. Relax, sunbathe, I work a concert, everything goes surprisingly smoothly, no one got sick, not lost. Let’s go home, come — all excellent.

Go home — perfect. Can’t be, I think, to all the time stay with anybody, nothing happened. It does not happen. Where catch. And here we are at each other carefully look, and Monica gently asked: “Mom, where’s my suitcase?” Was in Turkey in her suitcase. At the hotel. With all her summer things. We simply forgot. And I understand that the dress, socks and sandals, where Monica is standing in the corridor now and have her entire wardrobe.

I’m not complaining and have no regrets. Chose your way, and I like it. But you know how I feel going online after such rest and such work and reading: “she’s Just got a rich boyfriend”? But I will never give up and will not be destroyed. I will never give up. Do you know why? Because I have three children and give up I have no right!