Anna Sedokova has launched a fun flash mob

Ukrainian celebrity Anna Sedokova for a long time wanted to part with excess weight, however, after the third confinement, she suddenly said that I loved my body and not want to change it. Over time, the singer realized that the beauty of a woman is not dependent on volume and options.

Now Anna is indulging in different delicacies and frequently publishes in Instagram pictures of the restaurants where you will taste dishes from the best chefs, regardless of their calorie content.

But a new photo of Anna caused a furor in the Network. On it the singer was pulling a face of a person that you may think that it is much better than the horrified fans. Under the Sedokova wrote: “this is my real face. Know filters. I do believe that the main person kindness and sense of humor, look how plump I am. As said just my Monica: “Now you sure the marriage will not take”. I hike — a bachelor. And if you want to join me, then share a photo”.

Looks like the flash mob from Anna picks up her fans and we will see a lot of funny pics.