Anna Sedokova finally ceased to hide lover society

Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. Finally, the singer is not afraid of the evil eye and posted Instagram photos with her lover – the father of the child.

Singer Anna Sedokova intentionally hides his personal life, probably because of bitter experience – three men – three baby. But, so far, the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” stopped at one the father of a third child, informs Joinfo.ua.

Shared joy

Anna Sedokova recently shared with subscribers a cute family photo from the “Mom, dad and me.” Singer, member of the group MBAND Anatoliy Tsoy and the little Duke sitting by the river and look at each other with glee. Under the post Anna – three heart. In General, everything is clear.

Of course, one would still think that it’s just a friend, but…but soon, Anatoliy Tsoy has laid out a thematic picture on the page in Instagram with the caption “best day…” and a heart (RUF. and item. the authors saved approx. Ed.).

Subscribers do not doze

Members immediately began to investigate the situation and to shower the couple with compliments: “Well done, let them be happy”, “If the child is from Choi, then his eyes will be like Tsoi”, “All the best to you for the rest of their days pleasing us joint photos”, “Where does Anatoliy Tsoy?”…

Hector is the only son of Anna Sedokova, he is 4 months old. The singer has a 12-Lenya Alina, born in the marriage with the captain of Kiev “Dynamo” Valentin Belkevich, and 6-Lenya Monica from businessman Maxim Cherniavsky.

The Life Of Anna

Anna does not stop on the achievements and preparing for the wedding, the father of Hector – Anatoliy Tsoy. By the way, the birthday of Anatoly Sedokova published a post with a Declaration of love to the singer. But fans took it to heart and hoped that a bond of strong friendship. And wonder they did not believe.

Journalist, Pointmedia Les Miller reported that recently, Anna Sedokova swimsuit in Frank spoke about the hypocrisy of subscribers.