Anna Khilkevich suffered from the actions of fraudsters

While we all eagerly await the arrival of spring, star of “Univer” Anna Khilkevich has already managed to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Anna recently returned from a trip and faced with the troubles associated with debt obligations.

Fly from Dubai to Moscow, having learned that her friends and colleagues have been calling collectors demanding that Anna returned a large sum of money you borrowed.

Of course, you could start to worry, if not one “but”. Credit for the name Anna Khilkevich designed not she personally, and the attackers who took her documents.

“On the eve of the New year miracles happen, and I have it happened: I lost the purse from the bag(lost or stolen history is silent). It contained my passport, driving license, documents on the car and all credit cards???????????? and nothing, the card was reissued, the documents restored on return from Thailand… but after 2 months suddenly started calling my colleagues looking for me. But calls is not simple, and gold – from the banks???????????? type, I got loans and not give????
The police on lost documents I turned 21 Dec and credits “won” the 22nd number. It turns out a little off????

Only my post is not really about that. My question is: how do we tell you banks that give out loans in a foreign passport? Not checking the applicant with passport photo? Dear representatives of the banks who are looking for me! If you see this message, please call my Director, in order to close the story. Please, let’s not spoil the credit history of each other? And then suddenly one day I want to take the fridge on credit, and I get rejected?!” — said Anna in Instagram detail.

In this situation, there is hope for the professionalism and competence of law enforcement agencies.

Source: instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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