Anna Kalashnikova: “the Holiday was ruined for me by a drunken French”

Model nearly killed in the Caribbean

2018 began full for the former bride of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova. First she first visited in Courchevel, went skiing, then went for shopping in Paris, and Christmas was met by participating in a sailing regatta in the Caribbean organized by her friends, the rector of business school “synergy” Gregory Autowin. By the way, according to rumors, the girl it is associated with a more than friendly relationship.

The island and the regatta has made Anna very vivid impression. Daily model posted in his microblog photo in a swimsuit and share feelings. Excitement was especially high as their team won the race. The victory of the mariners noted on the shore and returned to the ship. As she says Anna, everything was fine until an emergency happened.

“I messed up drunken French. One evening, when we sailed on the boat, and they rammed us 4 or 5 times,” — said Kalashnikov terrible memories with “StarHit”. — “And then caught our boat anchor. As a result, we spent several hours in the open sea, trying to disengage with foreigners.”

After the collision, the sailboat which sailed Anna, needs serious repair. The girl admitted that she experienced a real shock, because their team could really die.