Anna Kalashnikov talked about the fact that it is not planning the “spicy” photos on the beach

Anna Kalashnikova told that the photos with the dressing on the beach in Sochi was not done on purpose. Persistent paparazzi caught the girl suddenly.

Recently, the network got the “Nude” photo of the popular singer Anna Kalashnikova. Her fans immediately began to discuss this topic. But in a recent interview, the singer said that this was not done on purpose.

Not so long ago in Sochi was held the music festival “New wave”, which came to the girl. Pictures were taken by paparazzi when she decided to change her swimsuit. However, all the cabanas were occupied. Kalashnikov decided not to wait in line, she better get changed secretly behind the rocks. But to do it “quietly” failed.Nude girl caught by photographers.

However, posted on the web pictures did not bother the singer. She said that to justify her not for that, the role of the second Volochkova it is not intended. At the same time, fans Kalashnikova fully able to appreciate the stunning figure of a girl. Photos made by the journalists, just do not respond to photo processing, and they show that the young actress is in great shape.