Anna Kalashnikov has become a victim of fraud

Social networking in our time, for its performance can compete with PR. It is through these Internet resources stars popularitywith their names, announce a new business, launch it brand, opening a shop or beauty salon, to share details of his personal life. For many celebrities, including domestic accounts in social networks have become a way of earnings through the sale of advertising, it is not surprising that the promotion of their profiles they are busy so active.

Was attached to this number and Anna Kalashnikov. In his microblog in Instagram Anna led a fairly active life, but suddenly it stopped. Things that page ex-bride of Prokhor Chaliapin hacked and are now demanding for the return of the access money.

“Account hacked. 200 thousand rubles to 22:00 or delete” — entry in the microblog detractors celebrities and even posted the card number on which you can make a donation.

“Email support instagram!”, “Really?”, “Well, give the money and will crack again, so it is possible to constantly give, and you will hack,” “Now everyone on instagram is hacked. Just someone so, someone is for money,” wrote the Network surprised fans of Anna.

At that time, while some commented on the incident, Kalashnikova acted and she was able to regain access to the account without paying the “ransom.”

“My dear, finally I’m back. All is well, account to me! Thank you that was worried and wrote me advice and support. Together we — force! Let’s just ignore the negativity and anger around. Good night, everybody,” wrote Kalashnikova.

Let’s say that Anna wasn’t the only national celebrity who has faced fraud in the social network. Evelina Bledans also caught on the hook, but decided the situation as successfully as the Kalashnikov.

Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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