Anna Kalashnikov decided on plastic surgery

Anna Kalashnikov, many believe charming beauty. Girl is really working on himself, but tries to stick to the image, which she chose for myself a few years ago – this long natural hair shades, makeup bright, but not flashy.

Many fans have noted that they are impressed by the desire of Anna to change her hand plastic surgeons. And frankly, Kalashnikova is nothing to adjust. But now Anna is still thinking about surgical intervention in their appearance.

According to the former sweetheart of Prokhor Chaliapin, she thought for a long time, but still ventured on the operation. “This week I have make all the procedure, — says Anna. The result will certainly share”.

Note that recently the Kalashnikov more inclined to experiment. For example, recently it was almost blonde, but at the last moment he changed his mind, opting to wear a wig. I internally prepared myself to take this step, — says Kalashnikov. — Even tried a special computer program with which you can try on your face different hairstyles. But did not dare to turn from brunette to blonde. But then recently I went to the Mall to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday.

And suddenly noticed there’s a wig store. It dawned on me: “here it is, the solution to the problem! Buy a wig, wear it, and decide if I should go to a salon and change hair color”. Besides, now that the cold season is the time to wear wigs as they can to replace headpiece.

By the way, says Anna herself, to the image of the blonde she’s not psychologically ready. Yes, and son Daniel does not accept the updated mom.

Photo: instagram.com

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