Anna Kalashnikov could have died in the Caribbean

New year holidays for Anna Kalashnikova was full of different surprises. First Anna went skiing in Courchevel and then went to the Caribbean Islands where he took part in the regatta organized by the rector of business school “synergy” Gregory Autowin.

For two weeks the model was spent on a yacht in the team. She learned to knit marine units, to set sail and enjoyed the sun and breathing the sea air. However, is not without unpleasant adventures.

When the yacht Anna won the race, the team decided to celebrate the victory of waterfront dining. On the way back to their yacht several times rammed a French boat with a drunken crew on Board. Anna says: “And then caught our boat anchor. As a result, we spent several hours in the open sea, trying to disengage with foreigners. Came with great difficulty, because these people were not only drunk, but spoke no English.”

During the collision, the Russian ship was seriously damaged and had to be send for repair. But despite all these troubles, Anna never for a moment regretted that agreed to participate in a sailing regatta.

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