Anna Kalashnikov became interested in plastic surgery

There is no limit to perfection. Anna Kalashnikov, the former lover of Prokhor Chaliapin, went under the surgeon’s knife to correct the asymmetry of your face. This woman is not going to stop, and soon again will go to a specialist to correct himself in the chest.

Recently, friends and girlfriend Anna noticed the change in her appearance. Kalashnikov and didn’t try to hide that he spoke to a plastic surgeon.
“I did a few treatments and I think that there’s nothing wrong there. Just decided to equalize the asymmetry of the face, which started to emerge in recent times. The fact that after giving birth, I lost a lot of weight – one part of my chin began to stand out more than the other, and fixed the nose – just a very long time wanted a sharp and thin nose” Anna said.
It is reported that the surgeon not only removed some fatty tissue from the face Kalashnikova, but also corrected the shape of the face with special injections. This model will not stop and correct the Breasts, which after the birth of a son is not so perfect. Complexes about “artificial” beauty Anna will, on the contrary, advises everyone to contact their plastic surgeon. The model considers that in the pursuit of beauty “, all good”.

Source: https://dni.ru
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