Anita Lutsenko told how she manages to combine motherhood and sports

Anita Lutsenko told how she manages to combine motherhood and sports

Famous fitness trner Anita Lutsenko shared how she manages to combine sport and motherhood.

She told about it in the first release of updated medical talk show “For Givet!”.

“Two weeks after the birth I started to do stretching exercises. But physical activity needs to be correct, reasonable. This can be Pilates, yoga, pool, the usual charging. Go to the gym – tell the coach that are breastfeeding. It will distribute the load, pick the right exercises,” shared Anita.

Also, the coach informed about the contraindications for breastfeeding mothers in the sport.

“All parous women should be very careful approach to the issue of loads. This primarily relates to the abdominal muscles, press. If the birth was natural, then lower abs you can start to download only after three months. But if it was a cesarean section – only six months.

Breast-feeding you should avoid power loads, extreme sports. Contraindicated also run for any “shake” for the chest is undesirable. Recommended walking uphill or on flat terrain. Also you can not use the chest muscles during exercise. A woman after childbirth is very concerned about changes in your body. This for her stress. Only because of these experiences she may disappear milk. And when the body is lifted, the woman sees the result, she has a great attitude, and the milk arrives. Sport is a positive emotion and positive energy,” – said Lutsenko.


Source and photo: obozrevatel.com