Ani Lorak showed thing always takes a flight

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak is often on tour. In his microblog star showed thing that always goes in flight – a special pillow.

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak recently disappointed his fans with a new image. However, the actress is not upset, because she doesn’t have time for sad thoughts – she’s in a hurry for a new tour. Lorac travel frequently to different countries, and in his microblog shared with followers a photo of the plane .

Showed a photo on Board

Popular singer Ani Lorak is a frequent guest planes. The artist is loved in many countries and cities, so it gives its own concerts in different corners of our planet.

To flights held comfortably Anya has a secret. On a flight it always takes a special pillow that showed fresh photos. The Ani Lorak has published in his microblog in the social network Instagram.

“Let’s go ! Love your pillow. And how you like to fly? There are favorite things?” (RUF. and item. the authors saved here and hereafter. – Approx. ed.) – signed picture of Ani Lorak in Instagram.

Fans of the singer commented on a photo

Subscribers microblog of the Ukrainian artist decided to comment on a photograph which has gained more than 66 thousand likes.

“I’m afraid of flying ;)))))) even with your favorite things ;))))”, “Cool pad! I such unlucky: inflatable burst, filled with lost. But in the long way the essential thing!”, “Carolina look at you….and you wonder-Well, Always a Smile … Very positive-keep it up!!? Good”

“The Queen show bis you are the most beautiful and talented!”, “The most beautiful girl of Ukraine and the present,” “And I have never flown.”, “Wonderfully beautiful!”, “Points krasivayadj)))” – I wrote to the followers of the artist.

Recently, the singer Sofia Rotaru surprised users of the social networking appearance. The singer does not look his 69 years. In a Network there combines the artist Ani Lorak.