Ani Lorak refused Russian citizenship

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who almost lives and works in Russia, refused the Russian citizenship. The representative of the celebrity told Ani loves Ukraine and is not going to change citizenship.”

This statement was made in the context of the said State Duma Deputy Vitaly milonova suggestions to help the singer to obtain Russian citizenship.
Michael Uspensky, who served as PR Manager of the actress, said that Lorak would not change the citizenship, regardless of how she’s treated at home.
“I don’t know what was the motivation Vitaly Milonov. Us official letters and documents not received. Ani Lorak is a Ukrainian citizen and citizenship is not going to change. She has her homeland, she loves Ukraine. You love your wife, and the two politicians argue, good or bad. You will cease to love her? The audience can relate to the artist as they want ā€“ it is their right. In the same Peter come 12 thousand people at a concert, they do not question what the artist’s passport. They come to art and the artist” ā€” said the representative of the Lorak.
Recall that the home attitude towards Ani is not the best. Nationalist organizations require to deprive it of the title of people’s artist of Ukraine and disrupt her concerts.

Source: http://ivona.bigmir.net
Photo: http://instagram.com

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