Ani Lorak has disappointed fans of the new image

Fans did not appreciate the new image of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. Her fans believe that the actress is not a new hairstyle.

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak surprised his fans with a bold and spicy way. On his page in social network Instagram artist published several pictures, which appeared in unusual for her image .

Ani Lorak new hairstyle

Recently Ani Lorak changed her hairstyle, and rumored to have visited the plastic surgeon. Fans of star noticed that the face of the singer began to look a little different.

The singer visited the festival of “Heat”, which was held in Baku. There, the artist presented the world with its new hairstyle and appeared in a rather bold manner.

Fans were disappointed

On the red carpet Ani Lorak appeared in the fancy pants lace-up and short black top, which intensified the lush bust 38-year-old celebrity.

According to our journalist Amalia Chervinchuk, fans of Ani Lorak was disappointed with the appearance of their pet. The singer, who usually chooses elegant dresses and suits, seemed too vulgar subscribers in this spicy outfit.

“With the bangs is not good”, “extremely awful image and make-up”, “It’s just a nightmare, the image of a La Buzova”, “the Outfit could be better to choose”,


“At Kardashian looked better once those pants”, “you Need to take into account the age and dress,” “Urgent need to remove the bangs, in General is not”, “Changed for the worse!”, “A terrible outfit, hair, too,” was the opinion of followers of the microblog stars.

Also Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in his microblog boasted to fans of the perfect abs and stretching. Fans delighted by the look of 38-year-old star.